The Gift of not giving


Merry meet all,

I know that tinsel and snow and a big huge real tree is pretty. I know Yule is a festive time of year. I want to talk about something different today. 

Society has done a marvellous job of brainwashing us into pandering to consumerism. I delete 95% of the emails from stores I shop at that are trying to seduce me into going to their sales.  I use a fake tree. I use the same only the same decorations I had from last year. I get my entertainment by watching the mindless zombies fill the malls and walk out with 30 bags on each arm. I am disgusted by the mass amount of tinsel that ends up in landfills along with the secretly despised gifts (you know it’s true), the poor trees ripped out from their roots, the bags and bags and gift wrap that just ends up in garbage. We have a long way to go as a society. 

The best yule gift I would like to see is one where people think of their impact upon the earth. That would delight me more than anything. If people realized that they don’t need to be mindless consumers and rebel. Rebel!! Cast off that heavy mantle. I am letting you in on an elite, tiny little secret. No. You do not have to buy into the consumerism bullshit that is ultra hyped especially at this time of year. No you are not a grinch if you don’t have 50 gifts for your significant other and no, you are not mean and heartless. Wait it out. 

Consider this: the stuff you see on the store shelves now has sat there all year. It won’t be any different or shinier now. The sales start after Yule.  This is just society- the evil corporations convincing you to think you really need it. 

Now. I confess. I have a dirty little secret. I love my new books, tarot cards, and dragon figurines as much as anyone else. I fork out my cash and pay for them. I have a prepaid Visa. I don’t own an actual credit card. I have no nightmare inducing Visa bill in January that could give me premature cardiac arrest. 

But I eat organic food as much as I can, I never go gift shopping at Yule and can barely afford it, and I own a fake tree. The tree is so small (actually, it’s sad._ But it saves a tree from becoming compost or landfill fodder. I try to be as much an earth steward as I can. 

This Yule. think of the earth. We owe the Goddess an awful lot. Society has a long way to go to improve ourselves and be kind to the Earth. People need to be AWARE. People need to make the best choices and buck the brainwashing bullshit. Now. 

Be green this Yule!!

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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