Merry meet all,

It’s officially mid way through January. Personally, I find this season and time of year the hardest to get through. The fact that I planted spring bulbs and garlic cheers me and may help me get through winter. Also, Imbolc is on its way. 

The moon is in its waning crescent phase. It is nearing New Moon which happens on January 20th.  The Full Moon occurs on February 3rd. On a New Moon, you can focus on what you want to welcome into your life. On a Full Moon, honor the Divine by performing a drawing down the moon ritual. 

With the upcoming significant moon phases and Imbolc around the corner, there is much to prepare for. A tree outside my window glistens in the sunlight. Chickadees flit to the bird feeder in my garden for seeds. Even in the dead of winter, there is life. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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