Merry meet all

Against my will, here I am, held hostage by winter. We had what is hopefully the worst winter storm of 2015. Halifax is buried under an ocean of snow. Icicles decorate the houses and I hear people shovelling even with the windows closed, I started on an indoor windowsill garden. 

I am growing lavender from seed! I tucked  lavender seeds in a damp folded paper towel which I put into a labeled clear ziploc bag. The seeds spouted and are now hopefully growing well in the small starter pots. They will grow there for a while. A seed is made up of an embryo, and a seed coating. The embryo is the plant formed from the union of a male and female plant cell during fertilization. The embryo puts out shoots and roots once germination occurs. 

I checked my lavender seedlings. They are growing and facing up to the sun. I checked the seeds in the ziploc baggie and nothing today. I will keep checking. I also put some astilbe seeds in a damp folded paper towel into a ziploc bag. Astilbe seeds look like tiny insects. I like staring at seeds using my magnifying glass. It is how I was able to see the tender lavender shoots. 

It may winter outdoors but in here, plants are growing! I am also growing garden sage, tulsi, genovese basil, feverfew and milk thistile. They are all started from seed. I love beginning from seed. It does feel real good. While I pore over seed catalogues, I may dream of spring. Wish winter away. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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