My Herbal


Plight of the Bees

Merry meet all,

My Herbal- Spiral Flower

I am working on a herb book myself. I doubt this one will be published traditionally. This book is for my own use. It is a herbal Book of Shadows. It averages 60k double-spaced, 340 pages, in Witches Magic font and is illustrated. I am going to bind the book myself in leather. 

The book titled Spiral Flower has been a long time in its creation. I had many other projects to do and the other night, I just accumulated all the pages together into my tome. It will include seeds- what seeds are, how to sort seeds, dry herbs or use herbs in potions. The material is finally all organized in a cohesive, holistic text.

The book covers all the important things to know about gathering herbs, growing herbs and using them for medicinal and magickal purposes. There are as many types of herbs described in the book as there are ways to use them. I have years of gardening experience in the book and all my knowledge and experience is to be recorded in it. 

The book starts with an introduction to Spiral Flower and a little about the history of herbs. The next section of the book discusses how to grow herbs, dry herbs, gather herbs and the healthful properties and magickal properties of an assortment of herbs. The next section covers recipes, lore, divinations to do with herbs and magick. The last section of the book includes a glossary, alternative plant names, a bibliography, and the blog posts from this blog that discussed how to use herbs. 

I can’t wait till my book is bound and ready to go. This is an exciting project. Perhaps the next volume will be more advanced. Till then,

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O( Start your countdown to spring!!!


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