March in like a Lion


Merry meet all,

The harsh winds still blow. We still have to shovel snow and curse it was we do, and wish we could see one inch of green. Now take heart though. Ostara is not far away. I know March is in like a lion and out like a lamb but soon the snow will claw back and new green buds will emerge to lighten our hearts and burdens. 

I shall post here more about Ostara. So keep tuned in to learn how to celebrate a real magical Ostara Sabbat!! The Wheel of the Year turns again. 

Exciting things to keep an eye out for:

March 20th is the Vernal Equinox and New Moon. The March 20th Eclipse will be a Spring Equinox Supermoon Solar Eclipse. So plan to clear your gemstones and dust off your cauldrons. This is also a good time to plan your gardens!! It helps to have a diagram drawn of your garden for easy reference. 

I am so sick of winter. I am sure many of you agree. Just hang in there, spring is on its way!

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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