Altars for Ostara

Spring Frost

Merry meet all,

OK winter, you’re not playing fair. A tenant who lives in my building shovelled the snow. There is nearly ten feet of snow on either side of the sidewalk to the front door. All this snow and the grey sky is making it hard for me to get into the spirit of spring, but I am a Canadian and I must find a way to persevere. 

Ostara is the celebrate of the return of spring, the vernal equinox, and a time of the balance between light and dark.  Decorate your altar with symbols of fertility such as dyed eggs, hares and spring colors. Put a spring coloured altar cloth on your altar. Use pastel colours such as the hues of forsythia, lilacs, brightness of daffodils. Use a pale green altar cloth to symbolize the purity of spring. If you want, you could also go with some muddy colours of spring. Spring is muddy, fierce and represents change. A change to the growing season of life. So a brown altar cloth would work too. You could still use the same pastel spring colours and be OK. 

Add symbols that represent the polarities of light and dark such as white and black candles or yin and yang symbols. Try burning a small fire in your brazier or cauldron and add baby animals to the altar. Sprinkle colourful bright glitter over the altar cloth. Roll your candles in oil and sprinkle the glitter onto the candles or carve words into your candles. Add potted bulbs to the altar. 

Then dedicate the items on your altar to the upcoming Sabbat. Use candleholders that also represent the coming of spring. Enjoy the Ostara Sabbat!

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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