Magickal Esbat of spring

Crocusfrom garden

Merry meet all,

I’m excited today because my dill germinated. Here is another reason to be excited!! The full moon will occur this week on April 4th. The corresponding incense is pine and the colour is brown. 

I might perform a full moon ritual to hasten spring’s arrival. The poor birds are surely starving for food even though I refilled the feeder. There is no end to the snow. My plants need to get their roots, or toes, in the soil. But my garden is still under six feet of snow. Here’s an esbat for you to perform to honor the arrival of spring. 

Smudge your altar space first and clean the room. Set a special space for your altar. This establishes the space as sacred. Don’t get started till you feel the shift in the energy in the area you designated as sacred. 

For the upcoming esbat. decorate your clean altar with symbols appropriate for spring and the full moon. (Maybe send a prayer for us snow logged citizens.) Burn white and silver candles and some candles in pastel colours. Burn incenses that suggest spring to you- a lighter scent such as lavender, chamomile, rose and mint. Use a white coloured altar cloth. It is time to think of lighter colours, lighter energies and lighter scents. We have moved on from the heavy dark energies of winter. Put fresh flowers or seed packets on your altar too. 

Use a candle for the ritual intended for a full moon ritual. I plan to make a special candle. A  milky white pillar or votive candle would be ideal. It will invoke feelings of serenity and peace as it burns. Carve or inscribe sacred sigils or symbols on the candle, and anoint it with an essential oil that corresponds with full moons. 

Once your altar is setup, concentrate on invoking the God and Goddess- and the faeries. It is time to summon them to return to work on your gardens and lawns and even indoor plants. Moss agate is a good crystal to use to invoke the faeries so be sure to place moss agate on your altar. Empower the stones before you use them in a ritual. Clear them of negative energies. 

A good book to refer to for fairy magick is Faery Magick by Sirona Knight. I love that book. There is sure to be a magical faeryish spell in there or two. I also am in love with the book  Mastering Candle Magick by Patricia Telesco. These books add bewitching power to your rituals!! 

Cleanse your crystals under the full moon. The outfit you wear during a ritual can affect your magick too. A full white cloak can cast a Galadriel glamor over you and a simple white tank top and white skirt. Wear glitter and if you’re anything like me-pet hair is an accessory. 

Cast a salt circle or form a circle with stones or beach rocks. It is ideal to do this outside but if you have to, you can perform the esbat inside, just be sure to be near a window to see the moon. Or stand under the full moon and gaze upon her beauty and eternal power. Then go inside and do the ritual. 

This full moon of spring promises fertility and regrowth. Concentrate on that during the ritual. Hold your arms skyward and gaze upon the moon. Say:

Goddess of the moon, queen of the night,
keeper of women’s mysteries, mistress of the tides,
you who are ever changing and yet always constant,
I ask that you guide me with your wisdom,
help me grow with your knowledge,

Focus on your goals and dreams for the coming growing season, such as personal growth, spiritual development, and new goals and dreams. Now is the time to plant those seeds to see them to fruition. Have a magickal esbat!!

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch 


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