The art of seed planting


Merry meet all,

Did you all enjoy the full moon? I did. The moon shone round and gorgeous in the sky across my apartment in clear view. Now the moon wanes.

The snow sadly didn’t go away. Yesterday it snowed again. I am going mad from the very sight of snow. I know my crocuses are trying to emerge but they are buried under five feet of hardened snow and ice. 

Depending on the frost date where you live, now should be a good time to start seeds. I know you all know how to plant seeds but here are some pointers that can be easily overlooked. 

Tiny seeds should be planted on the soil’s surface. Medium-sized seeds can be planted below the surface. Larger seeds can be planted a little deeper. The instructions on the packets should tell you. Most plants require sunlight to germinate. Try to select organic seeds, if you can. 

Water the plants and empower them by blessing them. Say something like: “I empower and bless these seeds in the name of the God and Goddess”. Hold your hands over the seeds but not touching them. Your plants or seeds will thank you. Place them in a south-facing window and nurture them as they grow. Talk to your plants gently. With all that care, they will turn into lovely plants and by the time the world is green, be ready to be planted in your garden. 

Happy seed planting!

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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