Merry meet all,

Life with my two fur-miliars is very interesting. I am kept on my toes. They eat more than me. I am sure of it. The rain is pouring hard to melt the snow. I think of April as a month of transition and promise. Promise for the coming green season. 

My sage, lavender and thyme survived the chill. The crocuses, tulips and violets survived too. Bit by bit the hard snow is yielding and melting. For me personally, it’s not melting fast enough. 

The next turn in the Wheel of the Year is Beltaine. I finally feel like spring will occur. The migratory birds here are back. The squirrels chatter fiercely from the tree tops. I spied buds on the tree boughs. The bluejays peck for food in my garden.  The starlings have nested in our dryer vent of our building. The air is harmonious with bird songs.It’s here!!

Beltaine is a fire festival and a time of fertility. The Crone gives way to the Maiden. The Maiden is about newness, the fresh ripe earth reborn, the early spring season before summer’s peak. Animals give birth to their young. During a Beltaine ritual, the May King and Queen chase each other around the ritual circle. 

The most commonly known deity of spring is the Green Man. He appears at this time of year. He is closely related to Cernunnos. Legends and lore about him can be found in the British Isles. His masculine face is covered in shrubbery. 

Jack in the Green is a spirit of the greenwood. References to him appear in British literature dating back to the sixteenth century. He was seen in the Victorian Era. Some people believed that he was related to Robin Hood. 

The most popular celebration of Beltaine is of course, the Maypole Dance. The Maypole is a tall pole decorated with flowers and dancing multicoloured ribbons. The dancers weave in and out, and eventually the ribbons are knotted together by the time the dancers reach the end. 

It’s a good time to honor the faeries. Flowers indicate that the faeries have returned to care for the garden. Leave out food and treats for them in your garden to ensure their capricious care for your garden. I will leave an offering of milk and honey. 

So dust off your cauldrons and broomsticks- and plant pots. Get ready for Beltaine by keeping an eye here for future posts! Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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