The Beltaine Fires


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Merry meet all,

Beltaine is coming!! ESSNS is hosting a Beltaine gathering on May 18th at the Universalist Unitarian Church on Inglis Street. I can’t wait mostly because I can’t understand celebrating Beltaine as a Solitary. To me, it is a social event. It is hard to dance around a Maypole all on your lonesome. 

Dress your altar on a colourful silk cloth, or green/ purple/ blue altar cloth. The colours should reflect the spring transitioning to summer season. You can add flowers, a small decorated  tree to serve as a Maypole, and some fertility symbols. Use colourful candles and incense that smells like the scents of coming summer. Lavender, hyssop, bergamot, and rosemary would be ideal.

You can still perform a solitary celebration for Beltaine at your altar. There are various books on how to perform Sabbat celebrations as a Solitary. Or you can join your coven for a merry frolicking Beltaine celebration. Or you can have a small gathering of a few people. 

Your altar can reflect the theme of Beltane. Add acorns, horns, sticks, and seeds to represent the God. Use a seashell, a wooden bowl or cauldron to represent the Goddess. Add flowers and faeries to your altar. Don’t clutter your altar, instead use what speaks to you. Fire is an important element of Beltane. 

Use candles of course to invoke the Fire Element. Beltaine is one of the 4 fire festivals of the Wheel of the Year. Gather your friends together for an afternoon of candle and crafts making prior to a ritual. It’s a great way to have fun, and a way to have new items for the ritual, and to deepen your understanding of craft  making. 

If you can’t build a fire outside, place a cauldron with a candle in it on a heat resistant tile. That should help. Let the fire of the growing season of Beltaine begin!!

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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