Spring into Gardening!!


Merry meet all,

My garden has dramatically changed. Recently, I raked away the leaves and noticed with joy that several plants are happily growing. My dead nettle, chives and garlic chives, lemon balm, leopard’s bane and lady’s mantle are up. The tulips and garlic are up!! Every morning, I check my garden. Every morning, my tulips grow a little more. Soon they shall bloom and be gorgeous. I am happy to see my garden again, 

Halifax Seed has a witch hazel on hold for me! When I get the money, I plan to get there to pick up and plant my witch hazel. Exciting!! I want to plant a row of beautiful perennials all around it such as lilies, chives and clover in a ring. The seedlings in my seed trays are growing well. Next fall, I can harvest the garlic!!! I won’t have to buy any. Oh imagine the flavour of home grown garlic straight from the garden! Mmmm. My crocuses and snowdrops heralded spring and my euonymus shrub is back and the woodruff is back. My dutchman’s breeches are up. Oh it is so beautiful and after this brutal winter, I deserve to have my heart so cheered. The raspberry canes are getting their leaves! The rhubarb is growing nicely too- and this is only early spring!

I can’t wait till month’s end to lay down fresh soil on my garden!! The earthworms will love it. My plants need the soil. Once the frost is passed and the perennials have grown fully, I will know where to put new plants and my seedlings and annuals. I want to also make a home for bees and work up the soil in the new garden patch. A lot of work ahead of me but I look forward to it! 

There are so many things I can do with a witch hazel. I can use the bark for making astringents, divine for water, and make runes from the wood of the tree. I can enjoy the beautiful flowers in the cold of winter and visit my tree. I can’t wait. I certainly can’t be blamed for my anticipation!!! 

I promise to post photos of the red, yellow and purple tulips! I’ll keep you posted.

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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