A Garden for the Senses


Merry meet all,

I can’t stop marvelling at my garden. Everything is growing and blossoming overnight. Every morning now I can take my coffee and marvel at my garden. I think it’s coming along beautifully, as if the brutal winter never even happened. 

Birds, bees and other critters visit my garden. I think they do the work of helping it grow. I found my garden trowel to my relief, half-buried under brown leaves. I left an offering of milk and honey to the fairies + nature spirits that also work hard on my garden. 

There’s a risk of frost tonight but I can’t wait to put my seedling outside. I can’t wait till there is no more risk of frost. I can plant all my heart wants then. I plan to. After the June Full Moon, it should be safe to put my plants out that have survived in here during the long brutal winter. 

I want to plant my witch hazel in the new garden patch. I hope to plant a circle of lilies, clover and chives around the trunk of the tree. The bees will love the hazel. Then I want to plant some thyme at the foot of the tree trunk and spread the thyme out. 

I shall post more about it here! So stay tuned. 

Blessed Be, 

Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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