My witch hazel tree )O(


Merry meet all,

I worked damn hard this afternoon. I finally bought the witch hazel tree I waited a year for. I returned home, dreading my task ahead. And no small wonder….. I hacked tree roots, unearthed boulders. sweated and grunted, and cleared a hole for the root ball. The hole was 2 feet by 4 feet. I worked in plenty of organic matter, some crystals, planted it. I watered the hazel heavily and planted flowers once I put all the soil back. The insects quickly found it. I also cleared away debris from my euonymus shrub and unfortunately cut myself on glass but it is ok. I washed my sweaty hair and planted some herbs. Oh my I am tired. Me thinks I have earned a good meal and a beer. I washed my floors, did my dishes. Penny’s sulking. I bleached my garden trowel. Pics coming up!! I went for a walk. Oh my aching back!!!

I now have a witch hazel growing in my garden- I planted it during waxing moon, and just think of what I can do now!!!! I bleached my garden trowel, tucked my rue seedling in a plastic bag to protect from the chill tonight, and plan to plant out the seedlings tomorrow. I can make an witch hazel astringent from the leaves, harvest seeds, divine with the witch hazel rods, and think of all the other things I can do. it was worth waiting a year for the soon to be beauteous plant. I put all my garden decorations outside. My garden gargoyle has returned to his protective duties, and my little garden turtle is out too. Tomorrow the last of the garden decorations go out. I am so excited.

I planted foxglove, violets, another flower, a dandelion and another plant at the foot of the witch hazel. I feel cool now. What a blessing from the Goddess!!! 

Blessings )O( Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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