Planting Hope


Merry meet all,

I was given an ivy vine, another vine, and a rose vine. All planted in my garden. I also divided the lavender and thyme and planted a beautiful orange flower, and the lavender and thyme under the Witch Hazel. Yesterday I removed a tree seedling from behind the witch hazel. It would have competed for moisture and root room. I can now see my hazel from my window. I tore out more weeds and can’t wait till the next payday to put plants in my garden. The milk thistle, foxglove, dandelion and another plant are all growing nicely near the witch hazel. Today I unearthed a big rock from under the lavender. Now the lavender roots have a lot of room. The work never ends!

I planted aragula lettuce in my garden. I don’t know how my onion sets are doing yet. There was so much rain. The garden is beauteous. All my perennials are up and growing well. I spied mugwort!

My perennials are from a to z: Astilbe, bee balm, brown eyed Susan’s, canterbury bells, cinnamon fern, chives, garlic chives, comfrey, crocuses, dead nettle ( need more of that- good ground cover), dutchman’s breeches, my euonymus shrub- starting to vine out, false sunflower, foxglove, forget me nots, garlic, genovese basil, hostas, lamb’s ear, lady’s mantle, lemon balm, lily of the valley, milk thistle, mint, purple coneflower, raspberries, strawberries, rue, siberian iris, snowdrops (sacred to Brighid), tiger lilies, thyme, tulips, violets, white coneflower and woodruff. 

I have a full garden. It’s been a lot of work. But it is all worth it. 

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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