Herb Seeds

Seedling Magick

Merry meet all,

I have the itch to plant seeds. I just did plant seeds- tiny seeds, in some starter pots. I now have a wonderful collection of fresh herb seeds ranging from garden sage, lavender, thyme, feverfew, hyssop, milk thistle, and mint. 

The seeds are so tiny. They should be sown on the surface of the soil or 1/4 inch below the surface. Then you need patience for the seeds to germinate. I watered them and put a water tray ( a plate) beneath the seed starting pots and left it near a sunny window. When the herbs reach a certain size, I shall transplant them. outside, in time for fall. 

Larger seeds can be sown a little deeper in the soil. Most seeds require light to germinate. These herb seeds don’t require cold temperatures or stratification. I just sprinkled the seeds into the damp soil. Also, my mint cutting grew roots! I left it in a glass of water for a few weeks. It grew new roots. I plucked off the lower leaves and put it in soil. Soon the roots will ‘take’ and I shall have a new plant to also transplant outside in time for fall. I find growing herbs exciting!

My garden is growing more beautiful and vibrant each day. My garlic scapes are so high! I also lucked out and found a wonderful spot in the back of the backyard. The leaves have decayed over time, the soil felt earthy and had a crumbly texture, and was worked through by insects. I have been shovelling that soil near my plants in my garden. The plants appreciate the extra nourishment. This is what gardening is also all about: understanding a plant’s needs. When that is acknowledged, the plant grows stronger and healthier. 

I plan to grow tomato plants and start a pumpkin patch. I am going to get copper rings this time. They give slugs an electric shock. That keeps them off the vines (hopefully.) I have also been busy clearing away old weeds and rocks for room for new plants. 

Yesterday was International Fairy Day! Did you celebrate? I hope so. I shall keep you posted here with more gardening information. The next Full Moon is July 1st/ 2nd. The next turn in the Wheel of the Year is Lughnasadh, first of the three harvest festivals.The current moon phase is waxing gibbous. Today’s planetary ruler is Jupiter. Jupiter is the ruler of expansion, gambling and fortune. Today is Thor’s Day. The associated colour is purple. 

Blessings,  Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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