Seed to Plate


Merry meet all,

I have been hard at work in my garden. The work never ends. This morning, to my delight, I spied a green pepper! Ooh how exciting. I will harvest them later and save some seeds from that pepper for new plants next spring. !! I also planted carrots, evicted a slug, rinsed off insect eggs off my plants, and planted carrot seeds. Lots of carrot seeds. I shall have to thin the seedlings later. What a harvest I will have of homegrown garlic, onions, carrots, radishes,  tomatoes, peppers and chives.. mmm I also planted peas and beans. I saved some seeds for succession planting. I found two ferns growing in the veery back of the backyard and planted them in the dark moist corner of my garden where it shall thrive and finally fill up that dark corner with its gorgeous fronds. 

Every day I check my garden to ensure the garden is growing the best it can. I found a wooden box that was quite large for my tomato plants. I made my own soil from what I found around the place- in the other box and from behind the backyard. I planted my large tomato plant in there, and in the other half, some of the five cherry tomato plants. There are two in the box. I filled the boxes with soil as like the main box. I also planted peas and beans. So now I look forward to a hearty harvest come fall. mmm. I also planted basil and mint in the main tomato box, and a new patch of aragula. Pics coming soon. Just wait till I get going with the squash vines!!  Unfortunately, a tenant asked for her large box back. She now has it and my tomato plants are replanted directly in the garden. 

I am not planting my squash till I purchase copper wire to keep off the slugs. I am up for war this year! I haven’t  seen that many slugs because I don’t have a lot of rotting weeds or leaves. I clear them away and the perennials leave little room for weeds. 

I use Neptune Harvest’s Organic Fish Emulsion Fertilizer. I refuse to garden without this wonderful liquid. Plants, especially my root veggies, love this stuff. It smells and it works wonders. The soil I used was worked through by insects, the change of the seasons, and leaf mold. It smells earthy. It has a lot of rocks but I am now an expert at getting rocks out of soil. 

I plan to now plant more ornamental plants in the garden. I need a bit of woodruff, dead nettle for edging the huge hosta, and some coneflower to grow under the trees by my back door. I want to grow dill. I have also planted lots of herb seeds in starter pots. I have been busy. 

One small patch of my garden in the main garden patch will be all mint. I planted thyme, hyssop, feverfew, poppies, lavender and sage. I look forward to having lots of herbs in my garden by fall. 

I saw a bee pollinating my raspberries. I also planted strawberries. I worked the soil and planted forget me nots and strawberries, thereby saving the plants from being mowed and destroyed. I should make raspberry and strawberry jam! I own a canning kit. 

I planted a pepper plant last year and nothing grew. I suspect that was because the plant never received full sun. The same thing happened to my rue. This year, I bought a rue herb plant and planted it next to the lavender in full sun. The lavender is ready to flower. I also planted a Chinese Lantern plant! They will come in handy for an autumn decoration. The pepper plant is growing in full sun as mentioned above. 

This year, I won’t be making my own Echinacea tincture. I need to give the roots time to recover. A stem with roots didn’t grow back into the soil. The leaves are growing anyway and my white coneflower is up too. When the purple coneflower, tiger lilies, and the false sunflower is up, the garden will look lovely. I planted the comfrey in full sun and she is bursting to blossom! The bees will love that. 

I could make a comfrey compost tea for the garden, a comfrey salve, tincture or ointment. Comfrey has lots of uses. Magic can munch on garden grown carrots and carrot tops. 

Now I can plant my annuals (flowers). I shall keep you posted! On a side note, I also purchased mandrake seeds online and I can’t wait to get started on that! I also received my copy of the awesome book The Queen of the Sky who rules over all the Gods- the devotional anthology devoted to Bast that I am published in! I bought two copies of the book. That will be an awesome read. 

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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