Flowers of Joy

rosy tulips

Merry meet all,

I had a bit of hard work on my garden today. Gee what’s new? While the rest of the plants are growing gorgeously, I struggled for half an hour to remove a coffee-table book sized rock. I needed a neighbour’s help who gallantly saved the day! The rock was a little trapped by a root. I then replanted my new white coneflower and the pack of honesty seeds. 

Yesterday I planted the new calendula, my squash plants, and parsley. I planted the squash and wound the copper wire around the base of the  stems. Yay! The poor squash were looking sad but are now happily settled in the soil. Plants are happiest in the soil. I also planted in the garden four garden sage seedlings I started from seed. They look weak but will grow better soon, once they root. 

My work is never done. A gardener’s work is never done. The false sunflower is almost ready to flower, the tiger lilies, coneflower, are ready to flower. The dead nettle has flowered. Not all the dead nettle flowers are the same colour! I bet the bees like it. 

I hope to make a potion or salve from the calendula. I plan to create many wonderful healing things from my plants once harvest time comes. For now, I shall enjoy my garden. I treated myself to a new pair of garden gloves. 

Ok so I am trying an experiment. I mixed herbs with honey. I added a smidgen of water and more herbs/ powder. The honey acted as a way to bind the crushed herbs together. I formed them into cones from the bowl. First I stirred them with a mortar and pestle. it was like green ish brown goop. Now they are formed into cones and arranged neatly on wax paper. 20 in total. So to keep away cat and bugs, I left the cones on the wax paper on the cookie sheet in the oven. I may try dehydrating them in the oven tomorrow. This is my experiment and hopefully it works. I suck at making incense so I hope this works.

The incense cones are curing on the wax paper on the cookie sheet in my cupboard. I shall leave them there for a while and try it. 


Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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