Merry meet all,

Penny, my amazing feline familiar, sits looking out the window. Magic, my other furry familiar guinea pig, munches on carrot tops in the cage. It’s threatening to rain. I strolled through my garden this morning. 

I have been adding onion sprouts and chives to my cooking. That’s the great thing about having your own garden. The tomatoes and squash still need time to grow. I am not in the rush to think about harvest just yet. I spied some chinese lanterns growing, my lavender flowered, and the garlic is almost brown. Mmmm homegrown garlic. But I shall be patient and wait. It’s still July. Lammas is almost here!!!

Though it’s still two weeks away, the gardens are full of green treats and the fields are full of grain. Soon the free days of summer will give way to the first early chills of fall. The harvest was very important to our ancestors. They depended on a successful harvest for survival. Owning a large number of cattle gave a tribe status. 

A number of rituals can be performed to honor Lammas. As you do perform a ritual, concentrate on how our ancestors survived. Think of what they would have done. They had no chemicals or preservatives to preserve food. They knew how to salt pork, make food last over a dark cold winter, and protected their livestock. 

The days would have been shorter then. Lammas is a good time to think about what you have harvested in the last year and what you have accomplished. This is the time to complete goals, finish tasks- especially the ones you don’t like to do. Reflect on what our ancestors did and how they celebrated Lammas.

I shall post more here soon. 

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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