Symbols of Lammas


Merry meet all,

Lammas is almost here! I am excited. I like August better than July. I think this year is speeding by. It’s surely not my imagination. August to me is the end of the dog days of summer. 

Symbols of Lammas

The colours for Lammas are fiery and warm, symbolizing the sun’s warmth. Fiery reds, warm golds, warn oranges and browns correspond to Lammas. Browns and greens represent the fertility of the seasons and the crops being harvested. Altar cloths in colours of browns, golds, or green are ideal. 

Sickles, scythes, brooms, and baskets are good choices for altar decorations. Grapes, wine, corn dolls, ears of corn, iron, fall flowers, straw braids and onion garlands are popular symbols of Lammas. Include weaponry or a steel object to honour and symbolize the God Lugh. 

In addition to all this, place items on the altar that reflect a craft you completed or a garden harvest. Lammas is the time to acknowledge your recent achievements and to take stock of the many things you did during the year. So don’t be shy or modest. Celebrate what you have done! Put it all out there for the world to see!

The blue moon rules the skies on July 31st!! So light up your altar to honor July’s second full moon!

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch 



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