Decorating your home for Lammas


Merry meet all,

Want to decorate your home for Lammas? You came to the right blog!! Here are some amazing and affordable ways to be ready for the big Sabbat. 

Wheat is harvested from the fields and is a wonderful start to decorating your home. Wheat symbolizes the ripening fields and abundance. Bundle wheat with raffia and place in nice jars around the house. 

Corn is a magickal grain. Bunch together ears of colourful corn and hang it up for decoration, or place in bowls or as a centrepiece. Save the corn husks to make a corn doll, cornhusk dolls or a herbal sachet pouches to leave around the house. They make great gifts for guests. 

Gather herbs, fruits and veggies from your garden or local market. Arrange the fruit and veggies in wooden bowls as a kitchen altar display. Soak the fruit and veggies in vinegar for a moment to ensure freshness. Root veggies such as squash can withstand room temperature. Herbs can be formed into smudge sticks or freshen a room with their lovely scent. 

Bread is the season of the “loaf mass.” Temporarily decorate a kitchen altar with bread. Use symbols of hearth and home with symbols of a cornucopia, fruit, grapes, wine,  and jars of honey. Add acorns, almonds and chinese lanterns or squash seeds to the altar. 

Hope these ideas inspire you. 

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch 


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