Lammas Tide Harvest

Allium Harvest at Lammas

Allium Harvest at Lammas

Merry meet all,

Today, I harvested my onions and garlic. The planetary ruler today is the Moon and the hour of 5:00 was ruled by the Sun. The day is sunny and warm, a perfect day for a root harvest. The onions and garlic are shown in the photo above. They are earthy and smell earthy. 

As I gathered the onions and garlic, a black cat sat on the neighbour’s deck railing and the sun shone. Magick is afoot!!

I blessed my harvest of alliums and gave thanks for the bounty. I will let them dry there on the paper towel on the wooden basket then I will braid the stems and let them dry for a month. If they cure properly, they should store well. Imagine the flavour! I also harvested a green pepper! Now the pepper plant can put its energy into producing more peppers and flowers!

The beans are flowering and the tomato plants. I can’t wait to harvest tomato plants. I am caring for my black mandrake seeds. They have to soak for two weeks to wash off the anti-germination coating on the seeds. Then I shall pot them up. They take Saturnian slowness to germinate. I can’t wait to plant them in the garden.

I want to create my own astringent from the witch hazel growing in my garden. I found an oak tree seedling in the garden. It was near the front of the garden. I transplanted it carefully to the back of my garden. The oak tree seedling’s root was way too cool. The acorn was still attached and had split open, allowing a sprout to emerge from it. The seedling gets lots of sun and has room to grow. Now an oak and hazel are growing in my garden! Am I fortunate or what? 

Oak Baby

My tomatoes are taking their sweet time. The beans have flowered and my peas are getting bigger. I can’t wait for that harvest. I want to save the seeds of the pepper plant and grow them next spring. I plan to save a lot of seeds. The carrot tops are higher now, which is a good sign. Mmmm this will be a tasty harvest. 

I plan to bring in the rue, rosemary, and parsley  to over winter them indoors. I want to make a smudge wand from the mugwort. I hope to make salves from the comfrey and calendula. I have a lot to do this fall. 

I fertilized the veggie plants growing outside. My squash plants aren’t doing anything. I fertilize and do everything right. It is better perhaps to buy some plants than to grow them and be disappointed. They never got big. Grrrr. 

Promise to keep you posted!

Blessings for Lammas, Lady Spiderwitch )O(





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