Summer Blossoms

Oak Baby

Merry meet all,

I just rinsed the black mandrake seeds I store in the fridge. I have to rinse off the coating that keeps them from germinating until the 15th. That will have been two weeks. Then I can put them in soil. Alchemy Seed Works, which I got my seeds from , gave me very specific instructions on how to help the seeds germinate and how to take care of the plants. Black Mandrake sounds so necromantic and magcickal!

The sun’s trying to pierce through the grey clouds. I hope the sun wins because my garden needs more of the sun and less of this monsoon. Although it does save me the task of watering the garden using my jug. I have to make ten trips from the faucet in the house to the garden. 

Now’s the time to start storing seeds and harvesting the goods from your garden. It’s almost time to think of preparing your garden for fall. Also, October is two months away. It’s hard to believe. I am still focused on summer and watching my garden grow. 

Tomato flowers have bloomed on the vines. Flowers have bloomed on my bean vines, which means I will have lots of beans. I hope my garden hurries though, since the final killing frost is not far away. I wish my squash vines would hurry up and grow. I have lots of herbs to harvest too. 

Happy gardening

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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