Autumn Transitions

Allium Harvest at Lammas

Allium Harvest at Lammas

Merry meet all,

I just visited my garden and evicted a few lazy fat slugs from my plants. The rain makes my garden look beautiful. The leaves are changing and look beautiful. The earthworms are excited about the apples I left on the garden soil. The apples will improve the soil for spring planting. 

Samhain is only a few weeks away. I’m not ready yet but I will be. I wish I was in Salem where they celebrate it for a month! I am trying to do the same here. I bought pumpkin ale, a broom. fabric to make a dress, makeup for the Witches Ball. I have to sew a costume, make a door prize, and help with decorations. It’s on Nov. 7th. I bought black knit swishy dress material. The pic shows the gown that I have to make. I refuse to sew a satin gown for several obvious reasons! 


Yesterday I melted down the candle wax from a candle I made earlier. It’s a pumpkin spice candle. I have synthetic pumpkin spice essential oil. It smells great, even if it is a synthetic oil. It is better to use pure oils, which have more magic in them. But sometimes you do what you can. I redid the candle. I will know soon if it will burn better. 

I’m going to buy spring bulbs and plant them. I’ll empty the pea and bean soil and the tomato plant soil to cover the bulbs. That soil shall nurture the bulbs all winter. I’ll compost my pumpkins there for the winter too. The apples will sweeten and enrich the soil. I am not one for sterile soil. I know that good soil is full of insects, nutrients, and worn by season change. All of these things contribute to creating good soil. Good soil means I can grow strong healthy plants. 

I harvested the lavender, sage, lovage, basil, mint from the garden. I potted up the Genovese basil, rue, rosemary and parsley. In the spring, they will go out in the garden. They wouldn’t survive the winter. I live in zone 6 which means heavy winters. I trimmed the lavender back. I plan to make a calendula salve, which is still flowering, despite the threat of frost. I brought in tomatoes (to my shock) and a couple of chinese lanterns. The tomatoes are ripening on a cookie sheet near the window. I am also starting more herbs from seed like sage and mint and thyme. I harvested chives and comfrey. The comfrey will be made into an ointment. 

So I have been busy. My onions are fully cured now. The garlic I grew in my garden has an amazing flavour. I can’t wait for the witch hazel to flower. That is the time to make an astringent, after it flowers. I hope it does. I will plant the garlic and tulips in different spots. That’s how you avoid disease, not planting in the same spot. 

The tomatoes and pepper plant will just go back to the earth. I can’t grow them indoors as I have no grow light setup here. I wish I did. But the plants can act as compost where I want my bulbs to grow. I can’t believe how hardy some plants are. I still see flowers on the tomatoes and pepper plants but there is nothing I can do. Its ok, everything returns to the earth eventually. 

With Samhain only weeks away, there will be plenty here to read. So dust off your witch hats and stroll through the thrift stores for witchy treasures! Don’t forget to read all about how to enjoy the magickal autumn season here!

Happy Hauntings!

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch 





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