Divining to meet the dead


Merry meet all,

October is a time when people like to remember the dead, or those who  have passed on before them. The veil grows thin, enabling contact between the living and the dead to be more possible. There are several ways to reach out to your deceased loved ones. 

Necromancy is the art of divination of contacting the dead. A great book to read to learn more is Christian Day’s book The Witches Book of the Dead. I can’t recommend this book enough. 

First of all, do protect yourself. Christopher Penczak wrote a great book about psychic protection, which I recommend you read before delving into divination. It is important to protect yourself from unwanted energies. You can tell me about whatever you encounter. I will believe you. I have seen a shadow person. It was so scary I nearly fell through my chair. But there are good energies too. He also wrote a great book titeld The Mighty Dead. 

You would look both ways before crossing a street, right? I hope so. Okay the same implies here. 

Ouija boards. I have never used one. Yes I have heard the horror stories but I tend to reserve judgement until I try something. Use caution and be respectful. I have no idea if it would work but I recommend trying this with a friend.

Crystal balls, candles, tarot, and scrying with liquids in cauldrons are another method of divination. If you want to, here are some cool tips for better divination. When scrying with fire, look at the blue flame which is the gateway to better contact with the dead. Watch to see if your candle does anything unusual while doing your magick. Make note of it in your BOS. Put some olive oil and water in your cauldron. Gaze into the bowl. Wait and see what psychic impressions you receive. Have an open and ready mind. 

It’s a good idea to physically clean your sacred space before hand and cast a protective circle. Use your besom to sweep any negative chi away. Cleanse the space with sage and cedar. Light a white candle for purification. When performing your divination, use black candles because the candles draw in energy and attract spirits. Use a black altar cloth and wear black clothing, Spirits are attracted to those who dare to be different. 

Taper candles work best. These candles burn longer, giving you more time to do your thing. Votive candles are good too but tea lights would burn out too fast. Incense that corresponds with Samhain is best. Mugwort, mandrake, poppy, foxglove, belladonna, sandalwood, and datura are best suited. 

Consider acquiring a skull to use for divination. Make sure you get the skull legally. More information can be found in the above mentioned books. I found an animal skull on a hike and kept it. I used the skull in a spell. I placed my hand on the skull, concentrated hard, and as soon as I did, I sensed my grandfather. He is probably watching over me now. I saw him clearly and so quickly when I closed my eyes. So it does work. A skull is a gateway to spirit. It doesn’t matter if the skull has a jaw. That too can affect the magick you perform. 

I shall post here more about divining to meet the dead as the month goes on. 

Happy Hauntings@

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch 


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