Off to the Witches Ball


Merry meet all,

Magic, my pet guinea pig, sits on my lap. He loves cuddles and purrs to express his appreciation. I love him. He is a great lap pet. Penny, my kitty, isn’t a lap cat but she kisses and nips me sometimes. I love animals- better than people. 

I have visited the new awesome Neighbourhood witch store we have here in town. The store is awesome and I love it. I love the way the store is organized and arranged. I love everything about it. They even sell organic catnip mice- Penny will purr her gratitude!

Tomorrow eve is the Witches Ball here in Halifax. I have to help with decorations. It should be fun. I get to wear my new black witch gown I made and showed here earlier. I am going to do my makeup at my Mom’s as I won’t have as far to get to the party. 

Currently the moon is waning crescent. It’s Friday, Freya’s day, and just think, you can count down the days till next Samhain!

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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