A Light in the Dark


Merry meet all,

Friday the 13th is supposed to be a lucky day for Witches. The moon is waxing and the stars shine in the night sky outside my apartment. I just returned from a nice walk and saw the stars. But if you live in Paris, it is madness. Tonight let your prayers be with those who are suffering and lost their lives. It’s truly a tragedy and it is even more sad that it has happened. 

How long will this terrorism continue? Until someone takes a stand. And that could be anyone. But whoever it is, that person will be brave. 

In other news closer to home, I’ve completed my Book of Shadows. I began the BOS three years ago at Samhain. It is now Samhain. I have come full circle. I like keeping a record of my experiences, lore, spells, rituals, recipes, and other things there. To me, the journey is always the destination. I like to think of life that way. 

I want to obtain a Morrigan statue. I want to get to know the Morrigan better and on a deep level. I am quite Celtic and a Witch can have more than one patron deity. The Morrigan represents the carnivorous crow or raven, the battlefield and bloodshed, but also sovereignty and strength. I have been forced to be quite strong in my heart most of my life and so it is one of the main reasons why I want to work with Morrigan. I might be buying a Morrigan statue from Sacred Source soon, as they only carry the statue. 

Till then, blessings

Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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