New Year Inspirations


Oak Baby

Merry Meet All,

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Now that they are over, 2016 stretches before us. Some of us are studying and some of us are back to the work grind. I dare you all to complete all those resolution by year’s end. I find it strange that we have to celebrate New Year’s twice- once on Nov. 1st and once on Dec.31st. More excuse for fun!!

Nosetouch Press is continuing with the production of the anthology Wax and Wane. It is how available for pre-order on Amazon- nbsp;

I can’t wait for spring when this anthology is released. I also have to complete edits on my novel and send it off to editors. Ugh. I need to think of more short stories. The story that I submitted to Nosetouch Press was accepted on the spot. I never got a rejection letter, which is awesome. The book will be released early March 2016. Yay!!

Currently the moon is waning crescent and Mercury soon enters Retrograde. I plan to go into deep denial and hibernation. I hate Mercury Retrograde and am sure I am not alone in that one. 

I wish you all the best in your endeavours in 2016. Blessed Be

Lady Spiderwitch 


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