The Art of Creation


Merry meet all,

My spring bulbs are blooming in my garden. Part of my garden is lightly frosted with snow. The snowdrops withstood the winds and lingering cold, only to raise their white heads in defiance. Spring is on its way. The spring bulbs are proof of that. 

I’m going to talk about sewing today. My Mom has just taught me a huge lesson about sewing. I tried to sew myself a short black cape. It was, let’s just say, a disaster. But the kicker is, they said at the fabric store that I was sewing it correctly. The way the cape looks now made me question their integrity. Wow. I will never take their advice again. 

The cape had to be seam ripped. All of it. The lining is now black instead of burgundy. The cape is black. The cape is now beautiful. I learned more about sewing from my Mom than from those incompetent employees. 

The seams match. The edges of the cape are crisp. The cape looks like a cape should. There is not a single flaw to be found. My Mom had a tough sewing teacher in school which is where she learned everything. But I have the best sewing instructor ever and the course is free. That’s why I shut up and learn. How can you argue with that type of teacher? I love how the cape looks now. It’s beautiful and it’s a darn good thing the cape was salvageable. I hate to waste material. 

In my defence, the sewing instructions and the pattern is a little mysterious. The pattern instructions and pictures don’t describe everything. They show no picture of the cape with the hood, which meant Mom and I had 20 minutes to figure out how the facing is applied to the gathered neck edge. 

My sewing machine is repaired, thanks to her. (I washed the dishes, since she did so much sewing for me.) She appreciated it. Now with a fully functional sewing machine and a perfect short cape to wear with my witchy outfits, I am ready for spring. I may sew a lining later to keep me warm on chilly days. 

Sewing is an art and a science. It takes forever to master since every project has its own demands and needs. But the sewing basics are true for every project. The seams must match, its good to cut the pattern piece out perfectly, and it is extremely important to stitch a neat 5’8 inch stitch. You have to master that before you attempt to stitch anything. Or you will be there in tears, forced to seam rip an entire seam because it puckered or had gaping holes. Sewing is press and stitch, press and stitch. It is repetition. If you can’t handle all this, don’t sew. 

I love to sew because the garment is truly tailored to me and also because they don’t offer in malls the clothing that I want. I never see corsets or gothy gowns in malls. So I have to sew what I want to wear. I can’t afford to buy it online so receiving such a good free education in sewing takes some beating. 

Learning in the presence of a master is humbling but necessary. 

The next turn in the Wheel of the year is Beltane. It’s the second spring Sabbat of the year. Yet Samhain is 7 months away. How time flies…

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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