Merry meet all,

Beltaine is almost here!! To me, Beltaine hastens the arrival of warmer weather. The bulbs are up in my garden and are ready to bloom. 

Bee Balm

I look forward to Beltaine. I am sure the rest of you do too. It is an exciting Sabbat and should be celebrated outdoors! This is a social event so go round up your coven members for festive fun! 

Here are a few ways to honor Beltaine. If you can and the frost has passed, plant flowers, clean up the garden, and rake the leaves. Do a blessing ceremony for your garden. Offer milk and honey for the nature spirits. Attend a ritual gathering. Wear clothing that has spring colours. 

Dress your altar. Consider spring cleaning your altar. Remove dust, debris and negative energy that has accumulated all winter. Use spring colours on your altar and burn candles in light green, red, light pink or light yellow colours. Concentrate on everything being light and fresh. This is the opportunity to relieve any negative energy or just plain old residual lingering stale energy. 

Bear in mind that Mercury is in retrograde. Be carefree but mindful. Beltane is fun and about the maiden and the spring god blending their energies together. At the same time, communications can go wrong. Technology usually breaks down. So be sure to rest afterwards. 

Ok have fun

Enjoy Beltane

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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