Time Ticks


Merry meet all,

It’s six months until October. Wow how time flies. The Wheel of the Year has turned again on its eternal axis to Beltane. Beltane is a fun popular Sabbat. 

I planted tomato seeds (indoors), and planted hollyhocks and aragula outdoors in my garden. Yesterday I raked away the old faded leaves to let the new spring growth emerge. The insects worked hard and the cats frolicked. Birds chirped and the wind blew hard. It was great. I need to add soil, lime and plant food. I look forward to watching my garden grow. It felt so good to clear away the leaves. The frost is gone at the end of May. 

My parsley survived the winter indoors. Now is the time to think about planting seeds for spring. I plan to buy more tomato seeds. 2 seeds isn’t enough for me. I love to grow tomatoes-and eat them! I might grow basil and oregano too to accompany the tomatoes. I have such an inexplicable itch to grow hot peppers too. Don’t ask me why though. 

The daffodils and purple hyacinth are brightening my garden. Soon the perennials will dominate the garden. After the perennials are in, I shall add some gorgeous annuals like basil and other plants. 

We are already five months into the year. I believe that time is speeding up. To what point though I am not certain. I do know I shall work hard on my garden and watch it blossom and grace the yard with its’ beauty. The daffodils and hyacinth are from my garden. Blessed Be

Lady Spiderwitch 





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