Merry meet all,


It’s great being a gardener. Flowers bloom, bees hum and your heart feels a little lighter. But there are challenges gardeners must meet everyday if the garden is to be a success. The biggest challenge I face is patience. 

Aside from evicting slugs from my precious plants, trying not to disturb the many many ants roaming the garden, and starting plants from seed, patience remains the number one challenge. I am not a patient person. 

I am forced to wait for plants to bloom. Its hard. Its real hard. Everyday I see the buds and wait for them to bloom. I want to scream at the plant but I stifle it. I water and I fertilize but no, nature takes her sweet time. I count the days till frost but nature takes her time. It feels an eternity until the plants decide to bloom. 

While we wait for that precious beauteous blossom, there are some tasks to help the plants along to their awaited glory: 

Be sure if you planted the flower recently, you left lots of room for the roots. We never see the roots but they are a living thing. The roots need room to grow strong and healthy. Roots should be green or white but not moldy. The roots should be disease free and in the soil deep enough, as deep as the pot the plant was in. 

Its a good idea to water the plants regularly. The soil should be moist but never bone dry. 

Apply compost and mulch to protect plants and keep the roots cool, not to mention control weeds. 

Watch out for diseases and pests. If bugs have laid eggs on your plants, and if you look hard you can see them, rinse them off with a splash of diluted dish soap and water. The eggs drown and fall off the plant, saving the garden from an unlooked for attack. 

Keep the garden weed free and clean. 

Deadhead spent blossoms to encourage new growth. 

Those above steps can help the plant as it prepares to blossom.

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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