A Besom of my Dreams


Merry meet all,

I made my own broom! Here is how I did it. I found an interesting piece of driftwood on the beach. It resembled a real traditional witch’s broom staff. I then needed the broom straw. I owned a corn broom and googled how to disassemble the broom corn. Once that was done, it was a matter of assembling the new broom. I discarded the old staff.

I painted the driftwood a deep shade of purple. I was going to use wire to bind the broom corn then I decided on twine. I carried the staff and the broom corn to my Mom’s. We released the broom corn from the blue elastic. Then we bound the straw to the driftwood and secured it tightly. We hammered a roofing nail in.

I carried the broom home carefully. I ignored the odd looks from people. The straw was tied into a bag to avoid damage. Once at home, I attached the bead pentacle talisman I made for the broom.

I plan to spray the broom corn a deep purple color. It will look otherworldly. Or at least I hope so. I dedicated and blessed my besom, which I have titled ‘Faeryn’. When I have sprayed it. I will show more photos.

Does this inspire you to create your own besom? I hope so. Here is another photo of Faeryn.

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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