Samhain is Coming


Merry meet all,

Sorry for not having posted in so long. I guess life got ahead of me. However, with Samhain around the corner, I am back. So get ready for spooky goodies here. I have some suggestions on how to prepare for Samhain. 

Now’s the time to do Halloween-esque baking. Think crisp golden loaves of homemade bread, lemon bread, pumpkin bread and nutty warm barnbrack bread. Brew pots of stews and soups. Use up the bounty of herbs harvested from your garden or windowsill. Bake muffins, cookies and scones. Store them in the freezer to save them for a Halloween soiree or a quick snack. 

Carve pumpkins and roast the seeds. Make squash soup on a breezy afternoon. Protect your immune system during the tricky fall season. It is the best time to perform divination. The veil between the worlds thins the most during Mabon/ Samhain. The energy is strongest now. Munch on roasted seeds as you perform a seance or try an apple peel trick.

Stock up on spring bulbs and garlic bulbs. Wait till it turns truly cold to plant them. This is called stratification. In the spring, they emerge to bloom. I bought daffodils and large garlic bulbs. I’ll plant them in November. I can’t wait to see them grow next year. 

Clean up the garden. I keep the leaves on my garden and lawn. But others prefer to rake them. I like to think that the leaves blanket my garden all winter, sheltering the plants from damage. Disinfest and check your tools. Store them away for the new growing season. 

Harvest your herbs, root veggies and flowers that you want to bring in for the winter. I potted up calendula, nasturtiums & peppermint. I left the parsley and other herbs to sleep during the cold season all winter. Clean the gutters, mulch the plants or wrap your plants in burlap to protect them. 

Check your house for drafts and leaks. Indoors you could freshen your linens, clean the appliances, and give your home or apartment or dorm room an intense cleansing. Use essential oils in your floor washing mixes. Then smudge the home and revel in your fresh clean home. 

All of these chores and activities will prepare you for Samhain. A good clean up and a few decorations will get you in gear. I spent all night yesterday putting up Halloween decorations in my friend’s apartment. I had fun doing that too. I hope you all have fun during this magical time too. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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