Ancestral supper on Samhain


Merry meet all,

I enjoyed a magical evening last night. I celebrated Samhain beautifully with 3 amazing people and Spirit. I invited Stefan Loki Jordan, my Mom and Geoffrey (surprise guest) over for dinner. I previously baked black lentil soup, a frosted chocolate cake, pumpkin bread, pumpkin gingerbread, barmbrack bread, roasted pumpkin seeds and Halloween cookies. I decorated the table. I set the meals in nice dishes. I put out my photo of my beloved but not forgotten late grandfather on the table. I used wine glasses and set a place at the table for Spirit. I showed Mom how an ancestral supper is done. We ate in thoughtful silence. Rarely do I ever entertain so many people and so well. After that, we did tea leaves readings all for each other. We shared memories and partook of the barm brack bread ( fortune telling). I played the ancestral supper playlist I prepared earlier. We celebrated by following traditions of how our ancestors would have honored Samhain. It was Geoffrey’s first time to do tea leaves but he did great. We all found our totem animals too.

I sensed spirits with me as I ate. I tried to not cry. An ancestral supper always chokes me up. I was in good company though. I am very blessed. I carved a cauldron into the pumpkin as a symbol of death and rebirth. I got to enjoy 1 beer (thanks Geoffrey), and Stefan Loki Jordan and I enjoyed coke- and the tea for the readings. It was magical and wonderful. I couldn’t have wishes for a better evening.

I made a ball of incense which I plan to burn tonight in my beautiful new cauldron from the antique shop. I also bought, and melted down an orange candle and made a new candle from it for tonight. I have a skull candle, incense, resins and well.. all that food. I left the food offered to Spirit in the garden. The black plant pot is filled with graveyard dirt. It serves as an urn.

I dedicated the cauldron I bought at an antique shop. Then I performed the rite of making a pact with the spirits. I was supposed to prick my finger with a needle but it hurt. I used my saliva instead. I don’t like harming myself. Harm should never be necessary. I know I have my own strength and power to not need to harm myself. Menstrual blood can be used in magic. It may seem gross but it is powerful. It is a part of us. It will be a less harmful substitute. I am committed to my course. I also thought the timing of making the pact on October 31st was perfect. I knew the spirits were present.

I hope you all enjoyed Samhain!!! 365 more days to go till next Samhain!

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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