Spring Bulbs


Merry meet all,

It is still Samhain. Yule occurs next month. I find this to be an awkward time. October is a magical time. From November on I tend to become depressed. I have a hard time with the dark half of the year. Once the glamour of October 31 has passed, I intensely anticipate Spring.

I recently planted my spring bulbs- garlic and daffodil. I dug into the moist soil. A sawbug scurried for cover as I stirred the soil and planted the garlic cloves. I covered the garlic cloves with a big damp log to deter squirrels. I tried to empower the garlic cloves with my intentions of protection and health. I empowered the daffodil bulbs with the intention of beauty.

Now is a good time to plant spring bulbs before the sol freezes. Once spring comes, the bulbs emerge and remind us of the coming of the light and the greenery. I can’t wait for spring. I think I say that because I am a gardener. Well that makes sense. I also left my pumpkin to nourish the soil as it decomposes. Well its like mulching in a way or composting. The garlic cloves will receive the nutrients from the pumpkin during the winter. I left a piece of wood and a rock over the daffodils too. Daffodils and purple hyacinth are some of the most beautiful flowers.

So go ahead and plant those bulbs! Empower them with your intentions. That can be whatever you choose it to be. Beauty, love, protection, health. Rake the leaves, clean up your garden, and clean your gardening tools. It is good to disinfect the garden tools too to avoid passing that on to your plants you nurtured all summer. I soak my garden tools in cool water and bleach in the kitchen sink for a few moments. That’s all it takes.

With the proper amount of effort and care now during the fall, you will have a beautiful and healthy blossoming garden come spring. That is worth looking forward to.

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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