Ornaments for Yule


Merry meet all,

Yule is a few days away. In this post, I want to show you how to have a wonderful Yule that won’t stress you out. 

I made my own ornaments this year. Tinsel, wrapping paper, a tree, gifts and food- it all adds up. With some effort, you can make your own decorations at a significant fraction of the cost it takes to buy them. 

I showed how to make salt dough ornaments in the previous post. Be sure to poke a hole in each ornament. I used an awl to reinforce the hole in the ornaments. You don’t want to poke hard enough to break the ornament but enough to be able to wind thread through with ease. Tie a knot in the thread. Add glitter and paint each one. I used blue, silver, red, gold, yellow,  and green. Let them dry between coats of paint. Clear liquid nail polish suffices as varnish. When the holiday season ends, store the ornaments in tissue or waxed paper in a plastic container. The ornaments should last till the next season. 

Hang the ornaments on the tree with care. I hung them high enough that my cat can’t get to them but also where they wouldn’t get tangled or broken. Take pride in your creations! Your friends might ask you on where you got them!

I used acrylic paint for decorating the ornaments. Stripes, solid colours, dots or stars are good ideas. If you have a pentacle press you can press the pentacle down on each cookie before you bake them, adding a witchy image to the ornament. Keep in mind it might be coated over if you paint them. You could imprint a leaf design on each one and leave the cookies with a natural look. Use unbleached flour for the brighter colour if you want that look. 

Be creative. Stock up on Yule/ Christmas cookie cutters. Try to collect yule oriented cookie cutters, not just Christian. Stars, sun symbols, moon, tree and animal cookie cutters are perfect. If the ornaments can correspond with the Yule season, that is even better. 

If you aren’t that savvy in making your own ornaments, then the local thrift store is one option. Brew some yule simmering potpourri and listen to Yule carols as you make your own ornaments. Have fun. 

Btw, I live in an apartment. I can’t have a real tree. I have a tall Goth tree I am using for a Yule tree. It’s perfect. 

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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