New Year, new Me


Merry meet all,

Happy New Year to my readers. I am excited to start out a new year. The next spoke in the Wheel of the Year is Imbolc. I love Imbolc because it represents change and the return of the light – and the spring season. The Goddess Brigid is associated with Imbolc (meaning ewe’s milk.)

I plan to accomplish more writing this year. I plan to finish editing my novel and hand it in to the editor. I hope to publish my novel. That is my biggest goal. I have others but that is the big one. I want to make more clothing, work on my garden, find better employment and of course, shower my furbabies with love.

I plan to be more aware of who I am spending my time with. I suffered a lot of negativity in 2016. I like to interact with PLEASANT, happy positive people. This should go without saying but you would be surprised at how toxic people can be. I refuse to accept that or any of the toxic crap from last year. Whole new game plan now.

What are your goals or resolutions for the new year? I bet they are not that different from mine or anyone else’s. Start the year on the right foot or striped toe and buckled shoe. I bought a cute necklace at the local witch shop. Its a copper witch hat. I think its the sorting hat from Harry Potter. I stocked up on tealight candles. They are just as awesome and practical as votives! I know how to make my own candles but I am out of wax.

Soon as I can buy a huge chunk of wax, I want to make my own candles. I made a beautiful purple candle. It is small but beautiful. I just bought a pot from the thrift store I will devote to candle making. This means I will never get wax in my cooking. The pot is cute and looks like the type of pot a witch would devote to candle making. I lucked out.

Photo of Candle:


I also hope to commence studies at Sacred Mists witch school. I will contact them at the end of the month. I might fare better there than at the other school, probably much better. I can’t wait to enroll!!!

I look forward to what 2017 brings me. As I type, my dear kitty  sits nearby, ears pricked. Have a wonderful new year everyone!

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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