Imbolg Customs


Merry meet all,

Imbolg has many traditions and customs. One of the most popular customs is the Corn Dolly. The doll can be kept on a Bride’s bed to bless the home with fertility and fortune. If you created a corn doll at Lammas, then you can use the doll more often. Dress the doll in the corresponding colors of Imbolc, red, white and even green. This act shifts the corn doll from Crone to the Spring Maiden. You can also create a corn doll in oats, rye or wheat.

To make a corn doll, bind together an ear of maize or a sheaf of oats. Choose straw or sheafs in good condition. Soak them in lukewarm water. Let dry. When it is ready, drape the doll in white clothing, lace handkerchiefs or white cloth and lace. You can add ribbons or  beads. Concentrate on your intention as you make the doll.

When Imbolg is over, use the doll to bless your garden and grains. Find her a place of honor to rest for the coming year. Or ask her for her blessings in your kitchen. I would consider putting a loop on her head and hanging her in your kitchen at a window. Then she can bless your kitchen all year.


Make a Brigit’s bed near a hearth fire. First clean your home thoroughly and smudge with lavender and sage. Decorate the home with white candles, ribbons and flowers. Make a small bed for her to lie down on. The bed can be a wooden box with a small piece of cotton on it. Put a corn doll man next to her or a broom.

Say or chant a blessing on your Bride doll. Place white and  candles near the doll and bed. Leave offerings and a chant a prayer to ask for her favor.

Have a merry Imbolc

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch  )O(








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