Faery Costumes


Merry meet all,

On June 24th there will be an awesome fantastical Once Upon a Fairytale event. I can’t wait. They are encouraging people to wear costumes and are offering prizes. I’ve created a beautiful faery costume and I want to show you how I did it.

I used the Simplicity pattern 3632. They have 3 lovely patterns to choose from. The best fabrics to use are chiffon, satin and tulle. All are tricky fabrics to use. Tulle is sticky but if you spray it with Static Guard, it should reduce the static. The fabrics are see through so sew or obtain a slip to wear for your protection.

The patterns are for a dress, pants and a slip and skirt. I made all three-slip, dress and skirt. The main dress on the front of the envelope looks tricky. I suspect its intended that way. So the main skirt is satin with chiffon or tulle as the overskirt. The pattern instructions don’t tell you how to make the wings but more on that soon.

Chiffon is fragile fabric. Be mindful when sewing the patterns. Lay out the fabric and pattern pieces neatly. Cut them out carefully. In fact, the more attentive to detail you are while sewing, the more beautiful they will look. Trust me. You can quote me on it. You may choose to sew this with an experienced seamstress nearby. Follow the instructions step by step carefully.

The bodice of the dress is first. You sew the bodice then make the midriff, and make an elastic casing. I recommend the slip get made of a solid darker satin fabric. The slip, dress and skirt should be light and ethereal. Faeries are magical and graceful. Don’t sew this when angry. You won’t do the costume justice. The bodice of the slip needs a lining. Here is another tip: never skimp on sewing neatly and be sure all edges meet up. When you turn the lining to the inside, press your seam allowance.  I always press the heck out of my fabric. Ironing is key to a beautiful garment. Try to sew an even neat stitch through all pattern pieces here.

The overskirt is tricky. I made the big skirt sections from tulle and the yoke from a type of dark dark purple cotton knit material. I sewed myself a yoke but hated the color and it was the wrong size. I made a new yoke. You stitch the front and back of the yoke together on the sides. Iron the seam allowance. Set aside. Don’t forget to mark in the notches.

The remaining skirt sections have a trick to them. You need to cut out 3 pieces. With the right sides together, you stitch two sections together to create a center back seam. Press. Now here is the trick to it: you stitch remaining overskirt sections to the rest of the skirt. So in front should be two seams. The back of the skirt in the center has one seam. Then you gather the upper edge of the overskirt, make two rows of stitches. Leave long thread tails and knot them using a basting stitch.

Pin the skirt to the yoke. Ease in the skirt and pull on the thread tails. Match the center back seam and place the side front seam at small dot in yoke front. Pull up the gathering stitches to fit. Measure your wasit and be honest. It must fit properly. Now we make the underskirt. I made my overskirt and skirt of 2 different colors of tulle. You stitch the skirt front to the skirt back at the side seams. You gather the upper edge. Leave making the jagged edges at the hem for last. On the inside, pin the Right side of the skirt to the Wrong side of overskirt t yoke seam. Match the centers and side seams. In other words, both right sides of the skirts should be facing up. The seams are always on the wrong side. Pull up the gathering stitches to fit. Press the seam toward yoke. Then you add an elastic casing to the yoke’s upper edge. I found some detailed purple fabric and stitched that to the yoke, since my stitches were showing on the outside. Only you know my secret.

Now you can worry about the pretty details. I used a hot glue gun to adhere dark purple rhinestone glitter butterflies to the overskirt.

The faery skirt









My wings:

I had some galvanized wire. I bent the wire into wing shapes. I owned lots of pretty fabric as you can see. I couldn’t have done this project without a glue gun. They are messy but wonderful at attaching fabric to wire. It is hard work attaching the fabric. I chose to extra creative and use different fabrics to give an unusual look. I bound the wire ends together. I made the two bottom wings the same way. Then I bound the wires and fabric together at the center base. I secured it with a purple ribbon. I spent a lot of time securing down the fabrics with the glue gun and my needle and thread. I spent more time on that than anything. i stitched the fabrics to the other fabrics with needle and thread and glue. oy Then I painted the outside edges of the bottom wings on both wings with blended glitter, glue and purple acrylic paint using my paintbrush. I painted a butterfly edging pattern on the inside of the wings with glue and silver glitter. Again, I kept tacking fabric down. I trimmed off excess fabric. Since the 2 upper wings were too far apart, I stitched on a piece of fabric to close in the space between them. I worked in purple lace fabric to the center base to conceal the binding of the wire. I measured the strap I needed to hang the wings on my body. I stitched on the strap to hang over my neck to the upper strip of fabric. Beautiful and well worth the effort. Count on glue and glitter and fabric to cover your apartment. Wings are fun, hark work and messy.

The upper wings were covered with plain purple tulle. Then I added the two different lacey fabrics.The effect is the wings go from a dark purple shade to a light violet shade.

I made the antennae by using galvanized wire again. I bent the wire into the shape I wanted. I covered the wire with shimmery light blue craft tape. I need to tack the tape down with my hot glue gun. I glued the antennae to the wings using my glue gun. How I have existed all this time without a glue gun is beyond me.









As you can see, it is a lot of effort but it is achievable. Paying attention to the tiny details will help you.

My wand:

I was gifted clay at Yule. I used a pink clay to make a star. I worked the clay to loosen it up in my hands. I cut out a star shape using a star-shaped cookie cutter. I happened to own a skewer stick which I painted blue then let dry. I glued the star to the stick. I added glitter too. I outlined the star in dark blue clay. I added dark blue clay to the star center and added glitter there too.

Let out your inner fairy!!


Blessings, Lady Spidrwitch )O(






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