Healing with spirit

Merry meet all,

Its hot here in this apartment. Summer is upon us. Tis not long before Midsummer. Where has the time gone? Time slips through our fingers like sand. Yet we cling to it. Well I say that now that it’s summer, carpe diem. Seize the day. I love summer and I live for this season. Midsummer is approaching. The full moon has just passed.

I have been working away on my garden. My rhubarb, garlic and berries are in full swing. I cut up plastic pop bottles and tucked them in around my baby veggie seedlings to protect them from slugs. Slugs are the bane of every gardener. I also made my own comfrey fertilizer. I filled the jar partly with comfrey herbs and water. For three weeks, I steeped the  comfrey in the water, which gradually became discoloured. I shook the jar regularly. Finally this morning, I sieved the herbs through a mesh colander. Oh it smelled unpleasant.  I poured the water – smelly water- onto my veggie seedlings. Comfrey has many wonderful qualities, including being good for a garden fertilizer.

Last week was an emotional week for me. Not only did my pet guinea pig Magic cross into the Summerlands, but I rescued a bird with an injured wing. I saw the bird wait for its mother from the nest. Me being unhealthily curious, I stood guard during the mother’s absence. The young starling bird got too excited for its mother’s food.It fell from the nest. It hit the ground, as its wing was injured. I became concerned, when the poor bird never took flight. She instead fidgeted terribly on the ground. I tried to pick her up – wearing gloves. Well…. the outcry from all the birds including the baby. I called the witch shop. I was concerned because I didn’t want the local neighborhood cats to eat the poor bird. Eventually I called Hope for Wildlife. I told them what happened. I found a large basket to put the bird in. I stood guard until my friend arrived. We put the poor suffering frightened bird in a basket and brought it inside. The mother bird is probably wondering where her young is. At first, they were going to come to my place. Mark and I dropped the bird off at a drop off location for Hope for Wildlife, where they will rehabilitate the bird. They will release it in my area.

I hope all goes well for my feathered friend. I hope the mother bird finds a way to continue to trust me. I want to be there when they release the bird that had the injured wing. Perhaps it was Magic’s spirit telling me to save the bird. I like to believe that.

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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