Magic of Midsummer

Merry meet all,

My garden is so beautiful. I bought plants, herbs and flowers- pumpkin, tomatoes, cucumber, hot peppers- and popcorn!! Yes I’m even growing my own popcorn. The stalk grows one cob on a long stalk. That will be cool. My haskap berries, rhubarb and garlic are doing great. I love my garden.

I have a trick I use in my garden. Behind the garden and behind the fence is a big area where some trees and dead leaves have rotted. That has been left alone to compost. But the real gold is the soil under that. It is so rich. I add that to my garden. I take only what I need. The rich soil adds much needed nutrients to my garden.

I’m growing nasturtiums too. I hope to grow morning glories and black hollyhocks. I’m impatiently waiting for them to germinate. Nasturtiums are spicy, beautiful, keep pests away and taste great in salads. To me, they are too pretty to eat. I cant wait for my nasturtiums to blossom where my chives are. That will look pretty. I planted beets, basil, sage, curly leaf parsley and Italian parsley, oregano, dill, elfin thyme and magic carpet thyme. My calendula blossomed. My comfrey is growing back after I divided it by cutting up chunks of root. I put the root pieces in different parts of my garden. I hope the roots grow into comfrey plants. Bees loooove comfrey. I planted six echinacea plants and can’t wait for them to blossom. That keeps the bees happy too.

I moved a hosta to a new home. It grows now near the sprawling woodruff and will receive considerably more sun. Every morning I visit my garden, a hot coffee in my hand. I always find something new marvel. I’m so blessed to have this garden.

Aside from garden worship, I”m sewing a black pullover dress with a floral print. The fabric was called black magic! I used the McCalls pattern 7592. It is so simple to make. The facing is tricky. A good pressing fixes that. I also made a lovely blue summer dress too. The dress is covered with white dragonflies. I am all about bees, dragonflies, butterflies, and birds!  Its no garden without them.

I still have a summer ahead of me of wonders in my garden and many more blessings. Enjoy Litha. The next turn in the Wheel of the Year is Lughnasadh.

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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