Sacred Mists Announcement

Merry meet all,

I have awesome news. I got my Hogwarts letter again. I am now enrolled at Sacred Mists Online Wiccan College studying my First Degree.I am too excited. I am certain I will have a better time studying there than at the Temple of Witchcraft. I want a narrative to follow and to advance my studies. I want to see if there’s more to witchcraft than is what I currently know. I intend to complete the whole course up to the 3rd degree.

Its in the hallowed halls of Sacred Mists that I will find the answers to my questions. I can’t wait to get started. Better dust off my Book of Shadows and cauldron.

I am eager to get started on the edits for my short fiction story in the book One Night in Salem. I am also trying to finish edits on my paranormal novel. I will be busy this fall.

My garden is so beautiful. The nasturtiums are finally blooming in fiery orange colors. My bellflower and tiger lilies are in full bloom. I’m growing a hot pepper. But my popcorn and cucumber are growing slowly. My tomatoes are growing even slower. I am getting concerned because it is now harvest season. Lughnasadh is around the corner!!

I shall consult my book that tells how to pollinate plants indoors if I need to grow tomatoes indoors. I can’t wait to be eating my own popcorn. I still have all of August and September. I bought a new basil plant which I will grow indoors. The bugs ate the whole basiil plant I put in the garden, even with diatomaceous earth sprinkled at its base. So that is staying where I can tend it and keep it away from voracious slugs. 

I can’t wait for autumn. The spiders have woven their webs around my yard and garden. Soon the leaves will turn to autumnal shades. Pumpkins will fill the stores. I love autumn and look forward to all the magic it offers. 



Lady Spiderwitch


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