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Honoring Magic’s memory )O(

Merry meet all,

Two days ago my pet guinea pig Magic passed away. I miss him and as hard as I try, I can’t get accustomed to the silence here. I am in shock trying to comprehend how a cute adorable guinea pig who filled this home with his presence can  die peacefully and  leave such an imprint. All animals are spunky and adorable. They each have their own personality. Magic had an amazing strong-willed bossy spunky personality. Its why I am shaking my head, wondering … what happened?

It was his time. I entered my home today and felt his physical absence. I stared at the spot where his cage usually sat and I saw only the rug. Ouch.

Two days ago, I was alerted to Magic’s chirps. I awoke and rose from my bed, concerned. I sat on the floor and peered in. A feeling came over me. I carried Magic’s cage to the kitchen counter where I studied him more closely. I sensed by the way he chirped and huddled then laid down on his side that he was dying. His paws twitched and he chirped. He shuddered every few moments. A great sadness filled me. I knew it was his time to die. Forget the shower. Forget the coffee and meditative garden stroll. My pet was dying. I sobbed and threw on an outfit. I phoned a friend who came over with food and consolation. He made the coffee. Then I held Magic in a blanket on my lap- for the last time while I phoned Mom and Mark and I talked.

Well Magic died but I kept stroking him and talking. Mark and I went to the store to find a box to bury Magic in once I had my landlord’s permission. I protected Magic from my cat while we were gone. We returned and picked up my Mother. Then all three of us bought groceries then returned to my place. After that, as I ate, sobbed and sipped tea, Mark dug a hole in the ground to bury Magic.

I laid his stiff body down on the fabric in the cardboard box. I added his favorite food, his salt licks, sweetgrass, sage, crystals, two pieces of his blue flannel blanket and my kind wishes for a safe journey for him. I kissed him and let Mom see him. Then we put him in the ground. I stared, stunned at this loss. Mark sprinkled tobacco over the funeral box. I appreciated that. I said a few words and we took turns filling the hole with soil. I laid rocks down so an animal doesn’t dig him up. I also taped the box up a lot. We stood in mutual grievance. I planted forget me nots at the spot and we marked with a garden ornament. I have visited his grave several times, keeping an eye on things.

I will miss him. I posted what happened on Facebook and was cheered by the responses of everyone expressing their consolation. I still have Penny my cat yet I miss Magic’s cuddles and squeaks . Penny is not a lap cat. We still cuddle just not like that.

I donated the hay, new salt licks and all his pellet food. I returned the new bag of salt licks, hard chews and big bag of pellets. I had a lot of stuff, indicating I wasn’t planning on him dying so soon. I cleaned the cage and stored it in the closet.

I miss him and if he were physically here now, we would share the best cuddles of all. I have taken care of several guinea pigs in the past. Now I have a cat. I doubt I will ever adopt / rescue another guinea pig. Minerva and Magic were the best of ’em. I love Penny and will think often of Magic.

Long live Magic my guinea pig 

I will think of him often. He will be missed but never forgotten. In other news, I have continued working on my garden and creating a fairy outfit for a Fairy Ren Fest. I used a sewing pattern and made the overskirt and skirt from two pieces of tulle- one dark and one light purple. I used a dark purple felt/ knit fabric for the skirt yoke and made it fit me. Once that was finished, I added glitter butterfly stickers to the skirt and made the hems jagged. Here is a photo of the skirt and dress. I also made a wand. I need to repair the slip and buy a ticket for the Faery Ren Fest. It takes place on June 24-25th at the Forum.

I slaved over creating wings for my costume for the event. I own a glue gun and wonder how I managed in life without a glue gun. I posted a photo of my wings that I have done so far:


The dress










The faery skirt










The wand














I’m going to the Faire and I will honor Magic’s memory there! I called him Magic for a reason!!

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch


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Merry Meet All,

This post is different from yesterday’s lighthearted post about guinea pigs. I live in a strange society. Americans were thankful on Thanksgiving for the bounty they recieved from the gods. On Black Friday, they tore through the aisles of stores everywhere. People are fascinated by zombies and still repelled by Death. They try to delay old age, using creams and surgeries. Maybe we are not meant to be living to a certain age. Certainly we are not meant to be denying age and change in our bodies.

I do not like zombies. But lots of other people do. Movies have been made about zombies attacking innocent people. I don’t watch those movies but the movies are popular with many people. Zombies, like ghosts, represent death in a way. They embody death. But women flock to counters in department stores for face creams that guarantee to make them look young to deny age.

Death is inevitable. It will happen eventually. It is “a natural part of life, one that we all must take.” (Gandalf, Lord of the Rings, by Tolkien.) I agree with this. But for all that we have explored deep space, the oceans, and galaxies, death remains to us an enigma, a mystery, the last unexplored frontier. We cannot all experience death and then return to report what it is like. It is final. It is death’s finality that freaks people out and makes them turn to surgeries and the creams, etc.

I saw the first snowflakes of the season yesterday. Winter is upon us. This is the time of the Crone. The Crone who does not fear death, she represents Death itself. But the Crone in our society is overlooked, pushed aside, and forgotten. A different god is honored now- the gods of the cosmetic surgeries who are earning millions of the vulnerabilities of women. Not all women use the creams but many do. We have forgotten much. I know some women in a coven who are older and experienced in life and seem to know and handle so much, they consistently surprise me. That is the essence of being the Crone- a sagacity that was hard earned. It must be valued though, not just by her, but by people.

We need to listen to her secrets, whispered on the wind, and in our ears. We need to listen inside our hearts and listen as a collective. Winter is the time to turn inward and in hibernation, take time to do the things we didn’t get done this fall, to reflect on what we have accomplished, and how we have changed and grown over the last year. We can decide what we should do new for the coming year. Then we will truly grow and develop.

That time will come. Everything will change. The next turn of the Wheel of the Year is Imbolc. The time of the Maiden and the first early stirrings of spring. We must weather this time of winter and the long cold stretch before us. Let us hope we weather it as the Crone would, made of steel and grace.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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