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Organic Choices


Merry meet all,

I keep harping about organic food and herbs. There is a reason for it. I am a devout animal lover. I can’t stand animal cruelty. I have been researching the way that chickens, cows and pigs and even our dear friends bees are treated. All I can say is that it is mostly so inhumane I can’t believe it is for real.

I am now strongly considering becoming a vegetarian. I live on a budget. But there is a good reason why I want to be a vegetarian. If an animal suffers in those torture chambers and I eat the meat, I take that energy into myself. I absorb the torture and suffering the cow, chicken or pig endured. Why would a person do that to themselves? Why should the animal endure such cruelty? How can those people who chop, mutilate and harm these animals live with themselves? I couldn’t live with myself.

I am now making a choice. I will starve before I will contribute to the cruelty those animals suffer. They are forced to suffer. They are not given a choice. We have a choice. We should make the right choice. We can make a choice.

Bees are now facing near extinction. Cows, chickens and pigs are force fed growth hormones and confined into filthy unsanitary cramped cages day in and day out. Their bodies are grossly deformed due to the chemicals they are injected with. Their bodies are swollen and red and sore. Who wants to live like that? Who wants to be forced to feel that way?

I have already demonstrated my passion for helping the bees in my herb garden. I shall extend that same passion to the other areas of my life. There are alternatives to non organic processed meat such as fruit, vegetables, beans and grains. I have already made several awesome meals with black beans and quinoa. It is also easier on a person’s budget. The beans, grains and veggies are healthier and are less likely the result of an animal suffering. I want to help end the madness. I never eat at Mcdonalds. If enough people get together and support local ethical farmers and organic food, then they help end the cruelty. There is a problem though: the government and the corporations count on people being dumbed down. Those are the customers or consumers today that they count on. But I have been to the local Seaport farmers market on a busy day it teems with people who are too eager to buy locally sourced fresh organic meats, cheeses and veggies.

As long as there is demand for the organic foods, then it will be produced. That demand must be maintained and prolonged forever. What if our local supermarkets carried only organic food? I hope one day that is a reality. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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War Horse

Merry Meet All,

Recently I watched the movie War Horse, against my better judgement, with a friend. I am trying to put it out of mind. The movie seemed contrived and unauthentic in parts. The movie was a sad portrayal of animal exploitation in a war. I wish I did not see the movie. I do not recommend it to viewers. I can also count on one hand how many people were in the audience. I love horses and most animals. The amount of cruelty the horses endured was heart wrenching.

I fail to see the point of a movie that depicts such animal exploitation. It was hard to watch and earned my tears of heartbreak. I do not know if it was trying to be so dismal on purpose, but I am glad that it was just a movie. It seemed so real-the amount of suffering of the horses, not just the horse Joey.

I will not watch this when it comes out on dvd and blue ray. Perhaps Hollywood is running out of original ideas and now resorts to animal cruelty to fill theaters for money. That is a sad statement but perhaps it is accurate too.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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