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Echoes of October


Merry meet all,

I attended a Druid ritual for Mabon on the weekend. I enjoyed the ritual. The weather was cooperative.

Now is the time for dusting off our cauldrons, and collecting as many candles, incense and charcoal discs as you can. The Witches’ most magical and powerful time of year is almost here. October is my fave time of year. I pretend its October every day of the year but when October arrives, I feel the most alive. I don’t think I am the only one here.

I anticipate the release of One Night in Salem, the poetry anthology publication of my horror poem, Samhain rituals, colorful autumn leaves, herb harvest and many more things to look forward to. I plan to bake halloween cookies, mm coffin cookies anyone?  watch horror movies, perform an ancestral supper and a solitary rit, and try to connect with my ancestors and spirits this October. I’ll bake barnbrack bread, pumpkin bread, brew pumpkin soup, roast seeds and conjure potions. I also like to do a horror novel trivia, and I should try writing more horror poetry. Maybe tell ghost stories around a campfire.

October is a month to live for. I don’t know of any other more magickal month of the year. I hope you all savor the month of October as passionately as I do.

Blessings, Spiderwitch )O(


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Ancestral supper on Samhain


Merry meet all,

I enjoyed a magical evening last night. I celebrated Samhain beautifully with 3 amazing people and Spirit. I invited Stefan Loki Jordan, my Mom and Geoffrey (surprise guest) over for dinner. I previously baked black lentil soup, a frosted chocolate cake, pumpkin bread, pumpkin gingerbread, barmbrack bread, roasted pumpkin seeds and Halloween cookies. I decorated the table. I set the meals in nice dishes. I put out my photo of my beloved but not forgotten late grandfather on the table. I used wine glasses and set a place at the table for Spirit. I showed Mom how an ancestral supper is done. We ate in thoughtful silence. Rarely do I ever entertain so many people and so well. After that, we did tea leaves readings all for each other. We shared memories and partook of the barm brack bread ( fortune telling). I played the ancestral supper playlist I prepared earlier. We celebrated by following traditions of how our ancestors would have honored Samhain. It was Geoffrey’s first time to do tea leaves but he did great. We all found our totem animals too.

I sensed spirits with me as I ate. I tried to not cry. An ancestral supper always chokes me up. I was in good company though. I am very blessed. I carved a cauldron into the pumpkin as a symbol of death and rebirth. I got to enjoy 1 beer (thanks Geoffrey), and Stefan Loki Jordan and I enjoyed coke- and the tea for the readings. It was magical and wonderful. I couldn’t have wishes for a better evening.

I made a ball of incense which I plan to burn tonight in my beautiful new cauldron from the antique shop. I also bought, and melted down an orange candle and made a new candle from it for tonight. I have a skull candle, incense, resins and well.. all that food. I left the food offered to Spirit in the garden. The black plant pot is filled with graveyard dirt. It serves as an urn.

I dedicated the cauldron I bought at an antique shop. Then I performed the rite of making a pact with the spirits. I was supposed to prick my finger with a needle but it hurt. I used my saliva instead. I don’t like harming myself. Harm should never be necessary. I know I have my own strength and power to not need to harm myself. Menstrual blood can be used in magic. It may seem gross but it is powerful. It is a part of us. It will be a less harmful substitute. I am committed to my course. I also thought the timing of making the pact on October 31st was perfect. I knew the spirits were present.

I hope you all enjoyed Samhain!!! 365 more days to go till next Samhain!

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Solitary Magic


Merry meet all,

‘Tis near Samhain. I can feel it in the air and I see it in the gray skies typical of October, that odd awe-inspiring magical month of mirth and mysticism. Well it is. October is truly its own. Fiery orange gold leaves stand out against the somber sky outside my window.

I wanted to host a seance here at my home. Naturally no one expressed any interest. I attend their events. Why won’t they come to mine? Yeah ok I hate people too. I do everything on my own. And most of the time, that is fine with me. Its more than fine. I like it that way. The more I see how people treat me, the more I want to be alone. I am not truly alone though: I have Spirit and my pets with me. That is a consolation. They are far better company than the other company I have to deal with on a day to day basis.

I have to wait 2 more days to have some cash to do the things I want to do. I needed to visit the emergency at the hospital to have a ring removed today. But not having any cash traps me, imprisons me. I hate the feeling. I feel powerless. To combat this, I like to have hobbies such as doll-making, sewing, candle- making, working with herbs, reading or editing. This keeps a person sane. No matter what, if you are in a similar situation, have some hobbies. You would be surprised at how time flies. It may lead to a unique money-making opportunity for you!

I’ve noticed from where I ride the bus how people have decorated their lawns for Halloween. The decorations range from ghosts, witches, skeletons to phantoms waving their huge arms out to unwary passerby. Pumpkins grace almost every deck. The colorful autumn leaves enhance the ghoulish displays.

I’m attending the Samhain Rit on the Commons on Sunday night. I might see my first witchcraft mentor there so I am excited. I plan to do a dedication Rite for myself/ solitary Samhain Rit ( of course) that night too. I do a lot on my own but if I waited for someone to do things with, I doubt I would get anything done. I have always been doing things on my own so I am used to it. Spirit also is always with me. Our ancestors, especially now, are here to guide me and you too.

If you are a solitary like me, try these tips. If you can, visit a cemetery where someone you knew was buried. Collect graveyard dust (respectfully), and leave it on your altar to be empowered. Use the dirt to help you contact the spirit of your beloved deceased. Place a photo of them on your altar. Pray or meditate on them and see if they respond when you contact them.

Whether you practice alone or with a coven, I wish you all a merry Samhain Sabbat. Blessings

Lady Spiderwitch


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Pagan Bullying

New Cauldron- Cerridwen

Merry meet all,

The Witches’ New Year is almost here! I am so excited! I even bought a big thick book of H.P Lovecraft’s writing to celebrate Halloween. He was a famous horror writer. I am enjoying reading his work. I wasn’t sure of him before and I thought he would be harder to read than he is.

Are you all busy preparing for Samhain? I am too. I have a pumpkin, 2 pomegranates, apples, acorns, decorations, cider, and some root veggies. But there is something else I really want to discuss here.

Someone has betrayed me. I thought this person was a friend. We hung out- and that was the time he could have expressed that he had a serious issue with me. We watched TV at someone’s house a lot. But he never mentioned it then. I am not mentioning the person’s name here for my safety’s sake. But even in the Wiccan/ Pagan/ witchcraft community, conflicts arise.

He sent me an unexpected mean cease and desist email. I was in such shock when I read my emails when I came home from an outing. I looked at the email in total shock. Is this to scare me? To keep me quiet? If so, it failed. I won’t give in to this. I was heartbroken for a few days after. I can have no contact with this person whatsoever. That’s a no brainer. I don’t’ want to have anything to do with him if he is that nasty. I attended a party that he couldn’t go to. Its no skin off my nose. But this person said many untrue hurtful nasty things about me online. I can’t believe some people and the lengths they go to to harm someone. I am  a good person. Someone – again I won’t say who- told me about how he abused his wife and kids. Somehow it looked like I said those things and people were nasty to me on Facebook I thought were my friends.

Just prior to this, I was at the person’s home where I watch TV a lot. He wasn’t happy that I wasn’t interested in him that way. Well I have known this person for 15 years. If I was, I would have said something. I didn’t. A man can’t take a hint. He asked me why I bother coming over to his house. Ouch. He said I should watch the shows at my house. With that mean email and then that, I tossed the dvd in the trash. Unbelievable. Where is the respect?

I am still attending the Samhain Ritual on the Commons on October 30. I am not too scared to go. I am not staying home. I am not staying silent. He posted untrue things about me behind my back. Why should I miss out on a magical night because of that? I refuse. I also refuse to not speak the truth.

I blocked the people who posted mean posts on my Facebook page without hesitation or regret. I tolerate no negativity there. I don’t have to. I now know who are my true friends. That’s what matters. I don’t care who reads this. I can write what I want on my blog.

I encourage you all to enjoy a SAFE and fun Samhain Sabbat wherever you are. Avoid the bullies! Find a true friend. Have a fun and magical Samhain!!

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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Samhain scene

Merry meet,

Today marks the beginning of fall and the end of summer. The sun’s shining hard over my garden, which is winding down for the cold season. Yesterday I baked two golden loaves of onion bread. They tasted amazing. I stored them in the freezer. I love to bake my own bread.

Mercury Retrograde goes direct today. You can all breathe a sigh of relief. The signs of autumn are around us. Pumpkins appeared in the stores, leaves turn color and trickle to the earth, and an early chill is in the air. Even if you work a day job, try to get out of the house to enjoy the first day of fall. A squirrel hops over the tree branches outside. He’s storing seeds for the winter season.

Stock up on pumpkins, save garden seeds, and harvest your herbs. Today is a day to celebrate the fall season. The best way to do that is to go outside. Explore a nature trail, clean up the garden, and soak up the sunshine.

Dig out your cardigans. Its the perfect time to examine your wardrobe and donate unwanted or unused clothing or other items to a thrift store. Clean up your fall coats, shawls, ponchos, cloaks and cardigans. Put away summer clothes. I love fall because I finally get to wear ‘fall style’ clothing. I plan to sew myself a few new shawls, skirts and dresses this fall.

Decorate your home with ears of corn, squashes, gourds, pumpkins and pretty jars and vials of garden harvested seeds. Score some cool finds from the local crafts shops for Halloween items to decorate your place.

This will lift you into the spirit of autumn. Merry Mabon


Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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I got my Hogwarts letter )O(

Early OctoberMerry meet all,

Wow I have the best news! I already posted this on the sister blog but I will announce it here. I’m studying at the Temple of Witchcraft in the first year, The Inner Temple. I feel like I’m going to Hogwarts!! Its cool to get my owl letter. Classes start in October.

The Inner Temple of Witchcraft year one course will be a challenge. It is a lot of self work. I am up to the challenge though. My friends here are also studying the course. We are online classmates. This will be cool. The course will also keep me busy this year.

I bought the The Magicians dvd and have already watched the entire season. I can’t wait for the second season. I love the show so much. I can definitely relate to some of the stuff in the show. When I told some friends of mine I was accepted, I was shocked that they weren’t happy for me. Ouch. I guess they are like the Hedge Witches in the show and I  am at Brakebills.

I have completed reading The Inner Temple of Witchcraft textbook. I have the companion cd too. I’m on my way to a magical year. I’m going to print my Hogwarts letter off and frame it and make it look like parchment paper. I bought a notebook and shall decorate my BOS for the year with an image of a tarot card.

Magic awaits!

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Vines in a knot


Merry meet all,

Are you having trouble with growing root veggies? You are not the only one. However I have some helpful tips for you. The trick to growing anything successfully is Phosphorus!!! It is what feeds plants and most helps them to grow. 

It could be you need to clear roots, rocks and weeds out of your garden area. Try to do that before planting anything and being disappointed. Soil should be crumbly and loose- and full of earthworms. The next step is to amend the soil. Lime sweetens the soil but bear in mind that tomatoes and a few other plants need acidic soil. Phosphorus encourages flower bloom and root growth. Add bone meal and seaweed to the soil. Work it into the soil with a spade or tiller.  Water the soil thoroughly afterwards. Then wait and watch your garden improve. Seaweed is extremely beneficial to soil. 

This fall, I’m adding more spring bulbs and elephant garlic to my garden. I just successfully transplanted comfrey to keep the large weeds at bay. Comfrey stands its ground in the garden. Bees love comfrey. A win win all around. The next task is to figure out how to grow my tomato plants indoors and keep them from my cat. I’ll let you know how that goes. 


Till then,

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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Flower Power


Merry meet all,

Insects love plants. They want to help pollinate your plants or eat your plants. Insects flock to my garden in droves with a hunger for my plants or a thirst for pollen. I just photographed a nasturtium and discovered an aphid on it. A little green bug scurried for cover. It keeps them away from the other tasty plants. 

I have found a deterrent for slugs in my garden. Can you guess it yet? Ok eggshells. I have saved all my eggshells to scatter around plants on the soil. It works! slugs don’t like slithering over sharp edges or objects. Diluted dish soap will work too. If anyone has any other nontoxic suggestions for insecticides, I would love to hear them. 

That all said, I have fallen irrevocably in love with nasturtiums! I don’t know why I didn’t grow them before. My gosh, I love them. Well they are now a mainstay. I plan to save the seeds and the seeds from many other of my plants. It saves money to start plants from seed and is not hard to do. My biggest challenge of when to start from seed is knowing when to. I started my tomato plants from seed late. 

All summer, I fed my adorable guinea pig named Magic the dandy dandelions from the yard. He didn’t protest when I fed him the fresh vitamin rich leaves. The lawn is mowed. I could go farther up the nature trail to feed him dandelions. Burdock grows profusely on the nature trail and is ideal for prosperity magic. Now that the moon waxes, I may gather some for that purpose. 

I grow raspberries and rhubarb in the garden. I made my own homemade berry jam with the garden grown fruit! Yes I do own a canning kit and booklet and finally had the chance to put it to good use. So now I own 1 1/2 Mason jars of berry jam. Mmmm so good. I plan to brew more ‘potions’ in my kitchen witch kitchen. That’s why harvest time is so awesome! It’s time to get witchy in the kitchen with herbs from your own garden. 

Good luck to you as you brew your own Potions!

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch 

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Hekate’s Blessing )O(


Merry meet all,

Hekate is a powerful Goddess. She works her dark magic in mysterious ways. She is also a goddess of love and compassion. Since I brought her into my home and life, things have changed in here. If you want something done, ask her. Don’t forget to leave offerings such as cinnamon, skeleton keys. The cinnamon can be stored in a vial or you can bind cinnamon sticks and offer that to her. 

I was frustrated with my pumpkin vine. I got the idea to ask for Hekate’s blessings. I took my Hekate statue out to my garden. I touched the statue to the plant, which prior to this, wasn’t flowering at all. I kept the statue on the plant for a few minutes. I felt the energy. She must have blessed the plant because the next thing I know, the pumpkin plant is flowering. It is also bee pollinated. A pumpkin or two are on the way. 

Tonight is the Full Moon.  The next turn in the Wheel of the Year is Lammas. Lammas is the first of the three fall harvest Sabbats.The bucks get their antlers.Now it is time to focus on the garden harvest. I want to take my Hecate statue out to each plant in my garden,which is a lot, and ask her to bless every plant in the garden. It will be a lot of work but if she works miracles, and would increase the growth, beauty and productivity then fine with me. 

Concentrate on abundance tonight as you perform your esbat. Focus on what you have around you. Ask for the Goddess’ blessing on your goals. 

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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Autumn Cooking

Allium Harvest at Lammas

Allium Harvest at Lammas

Merry meet all,

Today’s post is about foods to enjoy at the time of Mabon/ Samhain. I know pumpkins immediately come to  mind-but- they are not just for carving. 

Pumpkins can be baked into breads (yum!), into cookies, and soup. I always buy a few pumpkins to cook with not just carve. There are plenty of them in stores. I want a couple white ones too. White pumpkins make me think of ghosts. 

Apples are popular now. Apples can be made into applesauce, pies, and apple crisp. Which reminds me, I have plenty of rhubarb in the freezer. Mm I might bake rhubarb cobbler with apple. 

Some popular spices and herbs for baking during the autumn season are: cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, basil, clove, anise and orange. Add lavender to cookies. Another fun thing to try is halloween cookie cutters. I have a wide range of cookie cutters in the shapes of moons, coffins, bats, pumpkins, tombstones and witches. Add sprinkles, frosting, or even  natural food dye for ghoulish delights! 

Cocoa will keep you warm this fall. Cocoa can be combined with espresso in coffee or a batch of brownies. 

Nuts like walnuts, sesame seeds, coconut, dried fruit and almonds add health and flavour to your food. Mix up a batch of tasty morning granola with the ingredients mentioned in this post for some health and immune boosting breakfast!

Some popular recipes to try are pumpkin bread, soups, stews, other dark breads, and root veggie recipes. Doesn’t this all sound good? 

Gather some lentils too for lentil soup or save your potatoes and get a leek or two from the local organic farmers market for an invigorating bowl of potato and leek soup. I love my cauldron pot. It looks like a cauldron pot. I brew many a soup or stew in that pot. I use a blender that my Mom owned since I was a baby. I puree the soups, pumpkin or squash in it and it still works like a charm. 

Cooking food from scratch has some advantages. It is more effort to be sure. You have control over what ingredients go into your food. You can freeze the soups for later use. Empower your meal with energy for health or other things. You can see how it’s made and add your own special touch to the recipe. I personally prefer to be a die hard slow cooking kitchen witch, concocting my own recipes and know that I am not adding too many processed food ingredients. Yuck. I have GMOs. 

My witch hazel tree flowered! I also gathered herbs from my garden. I got calendula, lady’s mantle, leopard’s bane, woodruff, and lamb’s ear. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch 


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