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Once Upon a Fairy Tale )O(

Merry meet all,

I had a ton of fun at the Once Upon a Fairy Tale Faire. I dressed as the Lavender Fairy. I suffered it out in a corset, the costume and wings. I absolutely loved the Faire.I had the most wonderful time.


I was sorted by the Sorting Hat (same one as at Hogwarts0. I got Hufflepuff. I then set out on having fun and wreaking mischief, though I had a lot of the former, not the latter… well….

So I set out to see the different vendor’s pretty wares ok some scary. There were great swords too heavy for me to lift, fudge for me to sample (mm), costumes, jewels, elf ears, leather wares, deer and horse skulls, herbal teas, Mad Hatter Tea Parties, and so many other wonderful treasures. They were all made possible because of the crafts people’s dedication. There was a huge castle made of balloons, yup I know, a large, mock fencing tournaments, and lectures about the herb mandrake, having faeries in your home. It was so much fun.

I bumped into Cathy Kempton, my first witchcraft mentor, and a few other people I knew. I was delighted to see her again. This kid walked in and wanted to know where the faires were- so the father asked me. Yup I was a fairy. A lot of people loved my costume and even took pics of me. If they only knew how I suffered in it……

I got a beautiful fairy butterfly necklace, a vial of fairy dust, a fairy offering of a teapot and tiny tea cups, incense, herbal death teas, I sampled teas and fudges, and was even treated to tea and cakes by the Red Queen in the Mad hatter tea party – I got a ticket from soneone when I wasn’t supposed to have a ticket.!!!!!! I curtsied in front of the Red Queen!!!

i did collect biz cards. Good thing I didn’t have a $100 could easily have spent it there on such magical wonderful treasures. I took many pics. Doing it all over again next year. I loved every moment of the magial faire. I would do it all over again. I felt truly pretty and light with the wings and skirt. I fairy blessed everyone- my friends, children and some adults too.


There were many fairy homes made of moss and this stuff. I fairy blessed everyone. I had pizza and pop for lunch I Sure suffered in a corset and wings.What a time I had trying to sit in a chair or in my friend’s car or even get through a door way in wings. Oy or even sit on a toilet or even wrap my shawl around my shoulders. We visited Mike at work and we found out he wanted the glow in the dark ouija board. So we went back to the fairy event, bought it for him, and gave it to him at the witch shop. His grandmother forbid Mike to own one so we had to return it.

It was hard going in a costume. I leaned forward during rides in the car with wings on, I perched carefully in a chair at the fairy event, I tipped my wings way forward, put on my shawl and then stood up and got my wings back on my back and adjusted my shawl in the bathroom. Eventually I learned to remove the wings in the car on rides. I had two necklaces. When I got out of the wings, the wings caught on my crown twice and on my outfit. I had to get detangled. Ugh what a time. I would do it all over again.

Blessed Be Lady Spiderwitch

Heddy Johannesen <>

Jun 24 (2 days ago)
to hj1

There were many fairy homes made of moss and this stuff. I fairy blessed everyone. I had pizza and pop for lunch I Sure suffered in a corset and wings.

What a time I had trying to sit in a chair or in Marks car or even get through a door way in wings. Oy or even sit on a toilet or even wrap my shawl around my shoulders. We visited Mike at work and we found out he wanted the glow in the dark ouija board. So we went back to the fairy event, bought it for him, and gave it to him at the witch shop.

It was hard going in a costume. I leaned forward during rides in the car with wings on, I perched carefully in a chair at the fairy event, I tipped my wings way forward, put on my shawl and then stood up and got my wings back on my back and adjusted my shawl in the bathroom. Eventually I learned to remove the wings in the car on rides. I had two necklaces. When I got out of the wings, the wings caught on my crown twice and on my outfit. I had to get detangled. Ugh what a time.

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch


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Brigit, the ancient Goddess )O(


Merry meet all,

The Celtic goddess Brigid is typically honored in the beginning of February. Brigit is an ancient Goddess with mysterious origins. She became hugely popular in Ireland and Britain.

Brigit is one of the Tuatha de Danaan, or people of the Goddess Danu.  Legend tells that Brigit was the daughter of the Dagda, the Lord of Great Knowledge. Other legends tell that she was Dagda’s consort, not his daughter. Brigit is a triple goddess: smithcraft, poetry and healing. She has been compared to Minerva, a Roman goddess and Vesta, a virgin fire goddess.

Brigit is revered for her healing powers. She is a goddess of fire. She is famous for her healing springs and wells. The Druids linked Brigit to the late winter arrival of light and the early promise of spring. Brigit’s connection with the growing season also gives her a role as a fertility goddess. She was a patroness of domestic animals and crops. Brigit is the one who sparks the “fire of the poet’s heart, of the healer’s hands and the fire used by the smith.”

Brigit is knowledgeable about healing herbs. She was a patroness of many healing springs and wells. She is a goddess of smithcraft. Smithcraft was viewed as pure magic, the ability to make to transform stone or ore-bearing rock into tools and weapons. She held sway over poetry and creative arts. Poetry was an oral tradition held by the Celts. Much of their history is lost in the mists of time because the history, family lineage, and mythology  is all orally kept. The bards told of all that in their songs and poems.

Brigit continues to inspire her followers today. Light a candle or many candles in her honor this Imbolc. Ignite the flames and follow a tradition kept by our ancestors. Blessed Imbolc


Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Litha Rites


Merry meet all,

Litha is almost here!!! Well, today it’s raining. But I sure hope for sunshine on June 21st!! Here is more info to help you prepare for an awesome Summer Solstice. 

This celebration focuses on the sun. Use solar colours when decorating your altar. Reds, oranges, golds and yellows are associated with the sun. Try setting your altar outdoors to truly get the most out of the ritual or at least near a sunny window. 

Litha is also a time of balance. The light and dark are in battle with each other. Perhaps a Brighid’s cross or a yin yang symbol would do. Decorate your altar with pinwheels, sun wheels, oak leaves and acorns, and sunflowers. 

To decorate your home for the Solstice, bring in washed flowers, herbs and vegetables from the garden. Leave the food in baskets and arrange the flowers in vases. Burn yellow and gold candles. Arrange flower candles at the base of the candlesticks. Braid herbs into a herb wreath and hang it on your door. Collect seeds and store them in a pretty cloth pouch or a seed envelope. 

Celebrate Litha either as a solitary or with your coven. Go outside! I plan to take a cauldron outside and burn incense on charcoal  in the cauldron. It will smell beautiful. I also plan to spend the day or part of the day tending to my garden. I will burn incense as I tend to my garden. The scent will help carry me away. Midsummer is a magickal time. 

Hold a bonfire, welcome fairies into your garden, share a special meal outdoors with friends and family. The choice is up to you how you enjoy the day. Go for a nature walk and go wildcrafting or clean up trash as you see it. Be sure to wear gloves. 

Have a fun Litha!


Lady Spiderwitch  )O(

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Magical Cleaning


Merry meet all,

The Eastern Quarter corresponds to the Element of Air. The bathroom fan in my apartment here was broken. It made the most awful cacophonous harsh sound when I turned the bathroom light on. Now it is fixed. In Mrs. B’s Guide to Household Witchery: Everyday Magic Spells and Recipes, she lists fans as representing the Element of Air. Now that the fan is fixed, the blockage is removed. It is harmonious and now I love being in my bathroom. It is the first room people see when they come in, so naturally I want it to be nice. 

After the fan was fixed, I set out to clear my altar area. It needed a good spring cleaning. I debated with myself about whether to lift my altar off the dusty floor then made my decision, I am glad I did. I placed the altar on a round table. Behind the altar is a beautiful painting, which is why I had my altar on the floor. But I never used my altar much and I think it had to do with it being on the floor so low. I love it now that it is placed so high on a table. It is easier and I can clean the floor beneath it. It is finally easier for me to access the altar and feel comfortable. But since my altar has accumulated so much energy and has been used in so many rituals, meditations and spells, I will continue using it. 

I also cleaned and smudged every altar tool. My bookcase full of witchy tools was so crammed, dusty and disorganized and now it is so clean. I love the feel in my bedroom now. Everything feels fresh and clean. I smudged the altar, the tools and I mopped my floors. Everything is fresh and clean in time for spring. I even found my hammer. Now that’s some cleaning!!

Have you cleaned your altar areas in time for spring? Now’s the time. 

Good luck spring cleaning and add magick to the cleansing!

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch 

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Merry meet all,

Imbolc is almost here. I get a huge burst of creativity at this time of year. Imbolc is  a lesser Sabbat and first of the three spring Sabbats. Imbolc honours the Goddess Bride. The ewes bear calves. Spring is on its way too. 

Imbolc is called “Oimelc”, which translates to ewe’s milk. The colours red and white are traditionally associated with Imbolc. Make your altar decor reflect the Sabbat theme. Imbolc is a sign of spring, so include plants that symbolize new growth. You could add potted bulbs such as forsythia, crocuses, daffodils, and snowdrops- which are sacred to the Goddess Brighid. Make a Brighid’s crown as a centrepiece. 

Brighid is the Goddess of Celtic peoples. Add a celtic design to your altar such as a Brighid’s Cross or other Celtic knot work. Other symbols are cauldrons, a small anvil or hammer, a Brighid corn doll, animals such as cows, sheep or swans, poetry, fairies and herbs. Candles, of course. Use a white and red altar cloth or you can lay down a fresh clean white altar cloth and a red strip of fabric across it to symbolize the traditional colours. 

Tomorrow I will talk about rites and rituals and recipes!!

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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500 Autumn Leaves

trail@night 2

Merry meet all,

If October was a drink, I would be intoxicated. If October was a poem, I would be cross-eyed from rereading it over and over. If October was a slice of pie, I would be falling over in my chair. October is all these things and more. It’s when owls and bats patrol the nights, autumn leaves are painted warm golds and fiery reds then the leaves trickle to the resting cold earth. Pumpkins appear and children cheer. Ah I love October. 

In fact, I think I will make a new vow to myself and I urge you to do the same. Let’s act like it is October every day of the year, not just a once a year thing. I love it and i can’t wax poetic enough about October. Nope. Ahhh

I have had a good month so far despite being impoverished. I won a Halloween costume contest, wrote a short micro fiction story titled ‘Till Death do us part which was published in the Writers Federation of Nova Scotia Facebook page, got a copy of the book I am published in titled Naming the Goddess by Moon Books today from Chapters, made candles with friends, made candles on my own, got a beautiful cookbook titled Celtic Folklore Cookbook and the recipes in that book are wickedly delightful, fed chickadees, saved garden seeds, and collected more witch figurines and bought some pumpkins. I barely have a penny to my name but this has been a good month. 

I just received the latest issue of Essential Herbal magazine today. I rescued the envelope from the torrential rain and eagerly read the issue while crunching on pumpkin-shaped freshly baked scones and sipping tea. I couldn’t put the issue down and have already read 95% of it. I intend to make Fire Cider and other wonderful herbal concoctions. I want to buy a juicer and make apple cider. I baked Barm Brack bread and all I can say is mmmm. It is good! I made mulled cider too. Yeah and I have two mason jars of pumpkin puree in the freezer! Not bad for a starving artist! 

I am also happy to say that a year ago Horror Novel Reviews did an unusual honor of publishing my short micro fiction story, “The Grimm Pumpkin: in their ebook, Horror Novel Reviews: One Hellacious Halloween!! The book is now in print and I am eager to get my kitten mitts on a copy!! I think I’m getting spoiled. ha ha I am including links to these wonderful publications below. 

Essential Herbal magazine is also releasing until November 10, the Second Five Years of the magazine in a great big ebook. This is a tome packed with herbal recipes, lore, advice, wisdom, hopes and dreams, and gardening information. So quick, snatch up a copy. It is a compendium of 30 magazines from 2008-2012 and it is all indexed and arranged. Since I have been a contributor, I get a copy of this. I can’t wait and plan to get a thick binder, get it printed off, then arranged in the binder. All that knowledge at my fingertips. Oh pinch me, I”m dreaming. 

Here is the link for the herb magazine: 

I also want to happily say that this is my 500th blog post on this blog!! I did it with all of your support and I thank you for your enthusiasm for this blog and my new blog, Paranormal & Pagan Fiction, which is my passion. It is that time of year. It feels good to achieve goals, such as  writing 500 blog posts and reaching 50 blog posts on my other blog and achieving 700 followers on Twitter!! These were my goals and I did it. So a huge thank you to everyone!! Also, Circle magazine has published my reprinted article about Persephone; Death and the Maiden in their latest issue. 

Now… October doesn’t come without its share of dangers. Be careful and calm in everything you do. Guard your feline friends, especially black cats, during this season, and check your kids’ candy for razor blades. People will do some sick things. Watch out for slippery leaves. Don’t slip and fall. Protect your health!! Then, you can have fun. 

Merry Mabon- Samhain!

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

Here are the links to what I am published in in case you want to grab a copy!!!

And, lastly, but not least, Eternal Haunted Summer Ezine published my poem titled : Cave of the Goddess, in their autumn issue of 2014. Here is the link:

The Poem:

Cave of the Goddess

The snake charmer coaxes
a cobra from a woven basket.

The cobra hisses, sways
to the earthy music.

I yearn to be cocooned
in onion skins from the sun.

Mysteries of the desert
pulse in my head.

A red sun rises withered as my tongue.
A river rushes under the sand.

The snake charmer enters the cave,
and sways to the flute’s lyrical music.

I am the cobra who
suffered the scorching sun.

Reborn from the shed husk, I
slither far from charming flutes and baskets.

Blessed Be. 

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Eerie Samhain candles

Solstice 1

Merry meet all,

The time of the Crone is now. Summer has waned and autumn is waxing. Leaves trickle to the earth and pumpkins peek out from their perches on doorsteps. Ghostly cobwebs shiver in the wind. The most horrific season is upon us. Play some scary tunes and get ready for candle crafting in time for Samhain!

Well the chill might drive you indoors but what to do once inside? Make candles, of course. This post is for those of you who are like me and struggling to survive on little cash. You don’t have to break the bank. If you have burned all your tea lights and saved the tea light holders, then you’re in luck.

Clean out the old wax in the tea light holders. When they are empty and clean, set them aside. Make a double boiler by putting a small pot over a larger one. Fill the larger  one with some water, not a lot. Over low heat on the stove, gently melt some wax. I save old candle wax from used candles in a ziploc bag. 

Cover your work area with newspaper to avoid spills and messes. Again, keep old newspaper if you like to make candles. See? saved tons of money already. Wax, holders, and newspaper do work wonders for your dollars. Gather together the necessary items for candle making such as a long wooden spoon, wick, wick tab, and wax putty – mold adhesive, fragrance, dye blocks to change candle wax colours, a pencil to hold the wick, and if you choose, herbs. 

When the wax has melted, you can add fragrances and herbs and oils. You could peruse Scott Cunningham’s wonderful book ‘The Complete Book of Incenses, Oils and Brews for inspiration. Set the wick in the mould and secure it with adhesive or tape or hot glue. Be sure it is centred in the mould- tea light holder- metal tin. Pour the wax into the holder ever so carefully. Make sure there are no holes in the tea light holder. I made tea lights last night and the wax poured out of the bottom of one holder, so be careful. 

Wax will shrink a little so keep that in mind and a little extra wax in the pot. Cool the wax. Let the wax set in the metal tin. I plan to make several orange tea light candles. Why buy them when I can make them and they can contain my energy better because they are homemade? Once you are in the hang of it, you will love crafting your own candles.


Trim the wick to 1/4 inch. Enjoy your masterpiece. 

Tip: If you have long white taper candles, try dripping red candle wax down the taper candle for an eerie bloody blood dripping effect!

Blessed be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Seedling Magick

Merry Meet All,

Here is a spell to get your seeds germinating. You will require the following: A plastic ziploc bag, Kleenex, seeds, and water.

Light a candle and open the ziploc bag. Use a beeswax candle to correspond with this spell. Bees work hard flitting from flower to flower and are associated with pollination, so it does mix well with the spell. And if you plant the seeds outside, bees may visit your plants to pollinate. Wet some tissue and put the seeds from the packet into the wet tissue. Turn on the tap and put some water in the ziploc bag, if you want, but not too much. Tuck the seeds into the tissue and wrap the kleenex around the seeds. Seal the ziploc bag and place the baggie on your altar. The energy from your altar may empower your seeds to grow and blossom. Also, leave the seeds in the baggie somewhere out of direct sunlight.

After a few days have passed, check to see if the seeds have germinated. This technique is called pre-germinating and it is an excellent method to start seeds. If they haven’t, seal the bag again and replace it on your altar. After a few more days, check the seeds again. If they have, then fill some flats from a seed-tray with soil. Dampen the soil and let the muddy water drain in the kitchen sink. Once the soil settles, put a dish beneath the seed tray. Gently tear the tissue where the sprouted seed is and place the tissue and seed right in the seed flat. The tissue will compost. This avoids severely disturbing the seed. You need to be gentle as you can be. The seeds will sprout upwards and grow toward the sun.

If there are other seeds that have not yet sprouted, tuck them into the damp tissue again, place in the bag, and seal the bag again. Blow the candle out or let it extinguish itself. Tidy up the kitchen area and place the dish holding the seeds on a sunny windowsill. Thank the Goddess and God for the seeds and the bounty that will develop from the seeds.

It is a wonder of nature how a tree, a shrub, or a flower can blossom from a tiny seed. This miracle has been occurring since the dawn of time. When the seeds are allowed to grow organically, like they were meant to, the bees can pollinate the plants. The bees are endangered and we have to help them. Growing plants that attract bees helps them and helps us. We are nothing without these industrious bees and slave laborers. We may well die if they perish. They are the unsung heroes of the world.

The most magickal act I have witnessed this spring is watching my garden grow and watching seeds bloom into seedlings. It never ceases to amaze me, just how perfect nature is. The shapes, designs, and colour of the plants in my garden are beautiful. Nature is perfect and when we try to mimic that perfection, that is when the hardest fall comes. So remember this summer to walk lightly upon the earth. You will be blessed with a beautiful garden.

Here are some photos of different plants and the amazing intricate design of Nature:

My Leopard’s Bane

Dutchman’s Breeches

Euonymus Shrub

May the Goddess and God bless your seedlings and seeds.
Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Witchcraft on the Cheap

Merry Meet All,

Today the snow remains, a bitter sign that winter is not over. My flowers are buried under several inches of snow. Actually, maybe the snow is my imagination and if I wish hard enough, it might go away. Righhht.

This post will be about how to save money as a witch. So sip a cup of tea and sit tight for a cool post. Did you read those magic words correctly- save money? Yes, you did. I have lots of suggestions that should help your wallet rather than empty it and I am sharing them here.


I make my own. Rarely have I bought an altar cloth. I embroider, trim with lace, sew, add beads, or whatever strikes my fancy. You can too. There is and should not be any limit to your imagination. I store them in a beautiful deep brown large wooden basket. I have altar cloths in every colour of the rainbow, or chakra. I keep an eye out at the local fabric store for bargains on material and have beautiful altar cloths suitable for Samhain, Mabon, or Imbolc. I found cool reversible silver and gold material I use only for Yule. All you need is a half to a full meter of fabric and some sewing experience and presto!- an altar cloth.


I sometimes buy them but amazingly, the most witchy stuff I have found has not been from a local metaphysical shop, but from other nonpagan stores. The witch figurines, artificial birds’ nests- which are great for Imbolc and Ostara, btw, and my candleholders and incense burners I bought from local drugstores. So keep your eyes open and you never know where you will find a bargain. I turned the birds’ nest over and honestly, it had three legs like a cauldron. There are also three bird eggs in it. You bet your broomsticks I bought it.


Candles can be found anywhere in varying shapes, sizes, and colours. I go to Little Mysteries and their prices are fair. But I also live in an area with three or four other metaphysical shops. So buying candles is not hard. But you can make them too. Although I should leave that to truly accomplished witches. Or it could be I need practice. Save the wax from old candles and your candleholders. Buy candle making supplies and store them so when you want to make a truly magical candle for a spell, everything is there when you need it. I keep old wax, no matter how much or how little, in a plastic ziploc bag.

One thing about tools. Here is a tip on how to clean cast iron. Use coarse salt and a soft sponge. Rinse away the salt and wipe dry. Clean stainless steel white vinegar and a soft cloth. To clean copper (your cauldrons, hint, hint), use lemon and coarse salt. Sprinkle the outside of a sliced lemon half with the salt, rub it over the copper, which will soon gleam. Use mineral oil on wooden cutting boards. You can get more money’s worth by taking care of your tools. I cleaned my candleholders in the sink with soapy dish water and they looked beautiful. Old candle wax is stale energy and your candles will harbour the stale energy. Clean your candle holders. This holds for censers, cauldrons, and even altar cloths. I hand wash mine because of beads, lace trim or embroidery. I buy books of celtic embroidery patterns. Once I cut a pattern out, I put an empty envelope out in the book, staple the envelope to the book, then store my patterns in the envelope. I can reuse them and the patterns are stored neatly in one place.

If you have decorative bottles, use them for dish soap and throw the plastic ones away. I am trying so hard to have no plastic in my home. It is an ongoing battle. Using attractive jars and bottles for holding our magical supplies makes cleaning or storing herbs and gemstones far less of a chore. When you are scrimping money, that can be a huge asset. Keep an eye out at farmers markets where you may find a beautiful earthenware bowl for scrying. You just never know when or where you can find a treasure. It will jump out at you.

I also cover my laptop with a beautiful purple cloth that has a black design on it. I found it at a local ethnic boutique called the Black Market. It cost next to nothing. I hide my laptop with the purple cloth or shawl from would be thieves.

So I hope this inspires you to try something new. May the Goddess guide you on your magical path.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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Banishing Spell to welcome good energies for New Year

Merry Meet All,

Welcome in the new year 2013. I trust you all had a wonderful holiday. Here is a spell, while it may be late in arrival, you can still cast this spell because the moon is waning. The waning moon is the perfect time to banish unwanted energies. This spell comes in two parts.

The ideal time to cast this spell is during the waning moon and at Yule or after Yule, but leading to the new year. The aromatics to use are pine, woodruff, and rosemary. Use black and gray candles to ground the negativity and salt as a banishing component.

Call the quarters and invoke the deity or deities of your choice, depending on the path you follow or your tradition. Try saying this: “Lady of peace and light, I call to you this day from this place not a place, and this time not a time. I invite you to join me within my temple to bless this ritual of healing with your presence. Welcome, Bright Lady; Welcome, Forest Lord, so mote it be.”

Express your goal or intent for the spell. Bless and consecrate the candles for the spell to clear them of their previous negative energies to charge them for this spell. Say aloud: “I will no longer have financial trouble.” Say aloud: “I ask the great love of the cosmos, the light of the Universe, to bless and charge these components that they may be prepared and consecrated to ensure my success. Bless these ingredients, and bless my goal. These are my words. This is my will.”

Carve a symbol or words onto a black and gray candle of the area of your life in which the difficulty exists. Be thoughtful and purposeful as you carve, knowing that your intention is to banish the negative energies. Light the black candle come the dark moon, saying: “Candle burn, burn, burn; negativity turn, turn, turn; good luck return, return, return.” Here is a tip: chant that as long as you can and with much feeling. Be in contact with the candle or hold your hands near the candle. Continue chanting. Your “words are an inexhaustible source of magick.” (Professor Dumbledore, Harry Potter.) He was right. The chant adds power to the spell. Say the chant with feeling.

Rub olive oil onto the candle from the bottom up to banish the energy. Continue to chant as the candles burn and let them burn all the way down. Leave them in the sink if necessary. Leave the candles to burn of their own accord and dispose of the wax outside to literally push the negativity away from yourself.

For this spell, you will use a black candle that was dipped that color. On the bottom of the candle, carve symbols of your hopes and wishes, then dab them with an essential oil. Leave the top half of the candle blank. Place a straight pin in the center (this marks the turn around point.) Light the candle saying: Negativity ends as the magickal pin bends. Negativity, destroy, I reclaim joy: As the candle burns, by and by, all energies are purified.”

Turn away from the candle and do not return until it has completely burned down. By the way, a visual alternative on this spell is to let the candle burn down to the pin then turn it over on its stand. This puts out the “negative energy,” giving more support to the represented hopes and dreams.

Collect one black candle and one candle whose color represents the area where your trouble lies. Light the candles every night for seven nights at dusk, the time of closure, saying: negativity return from whence you came, my life will ne’er be the same! Happiness and joy I now reclaim.”

Each night you do this, move the black and gray candles further and further away from the other one (slowly moving it closer to a door in your home.) On the morning of the eighth day, take the remnants of the black candle outside and let it melt in the sun, banishing that darkness with light. Dispose of the candles properly.

If there is snow outside, use some snow for the final step of the spell. Sunday is ruled by the Sun and is associated with power, leadership, authority, and success.

Scoop some snow in a spell and return to your circle, sealing the circle. Set the bowl on your altar and put your hands over the bowl of snow. With as much feeling as you can, and it helps if you say the chant, push your feelings and banish the negativity into the snow. When you are sure you are ready, cast the snow outside away from you and wash the bowl you used to cleanse the bowl of the negativity.

Closing the spell:

Say aloud: “Lady of peace, Lord of light, I thank you for your presence within my temple this day and for lending your presence and power to this ritual of healing. I honor you, my Lord and Lady, and bid you farewell. So mote it be.”

Releasing quarters:
In reverse order, the last quarter called is the first quarter called. Then say aloud: “I want to be cautious and clear of what it is I hope to banish. I hope to banish the negative energies and recent actions done by those who wished ill towards me.”

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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