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Spidery Inspirations

Merry meet all,

Autumn Equinox is almost here. This morning, I sipped my hot coffee while gazing out at my garden, standing next to my alert kitty. My cat watched as two cats almost duked it out. The orange cat ran off and the gray cat stood her ground. The day is overcast. The sky threatens to open and unleash a downpour. It looks like an autumn morning.  The nasturtiums grace my garden with their fiery colors and charm. I love it.

I already have a pumpkin for making soup and roasting seeds. I also have a chicken to roast. I do believe I will have a feast this Mabon!!! I hope you all are preparing for Mabon too.

I’m sewing a black wool poncho. I happen to have some black and white spider web material. I want to add the spider web fabric to the black wool poncho. I know it seems odd to add that type of gaudy Halloween fabric to black wool. If anyone has ideas on how to make it witchy, be my guest. One good idea to do when you are sewing something like this is to google witchy poncho outfits. Click on images to see ideas of how other people did it and then you will have a better idea of how to sew yours. I bought 1 meter of the black wool and the other 2 meters were free.

I’m excited about my horror poem, Encounter with Death, being published in a horror poem anthology this fall. My short story, The Grimm Pumpkin, is published in an anthology One Night in Salem. The release date is Sept. 30!!! I’m waiting to hear back about other projects. If you fly on your broomstick to my other blog, Paranormal & Witchy Fiction, and click on Published Works, you will be taken to the publisher’s website where you can buy the book.

I love fall and all the gifts it brings. I wish you all a wonderful magickal Mabon.

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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Ostara- Balance of light and dark )O(

Merry meet all,

The weather outside is frightful. Ostara is a few days away. I am trying to believe that spring is coming. Yet my snowdrops are buried under wet freezing rain/ slush. Snowdrops are sacred to the Goddess Brighid. I dedicated my snowdrops to her for that reason. Every early spring they grow. More flowers are on the way.

The sky darkens early here still. I may be the only one here but I love the dark half of the year. My dark side reveals itself a lot. I downloaded a cool photo of a skull resting on the open pages of a book. It is such a cool picture. I am currently reading Spirit Conjuring for Witches by Frater Barrabas. I have a ways to go yet. I will post a review when I have finished reading it. I will miss the dark time but I also embrace spring. I can only take so much of wearing a heavy winter coat and boots after all.

I do miss my garden. I have started echinacea, dill, thyme and lavender from seed. I hope to plant them in my garden once all chance of frost has passed. I also have rosemary and calendula cuttings which I hope will develop roots and be ready to plant in soil. I would love for once to successfully grow rosemary. I learned that rosemary doesn’t like to be moved. Dill has deep roots. Calendula will bloom if you overwinter it indoors if there is enough sun. The more I work with herbs, the more I learn from them. I intend to order mugwort, moonwort and mandrake seeds if I can. I am determined to grow a pumpkin patch this year too. I will grow beefsteak tomatoes too and peas, beans, carrots, herbs too, I planted my garlic last fall. I can’t wait. I hope to get hyssop and feverfew to grow from seed too. I have the room in my garden for all this!

I am ready for spring. I look forward to reviving my garden and not being weighed down by a woollen winter coat.

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


For your reading pleasure:

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The Morrigan


Merry meet all,

Last night, I crafted up a storm! I crafted a clay statue of the goddess Morrigan and a clay tea light holder. The Morrigan Tonight I created the Morrigan statue out of polymer clay. The clay is red and black. My hands were RED (how fitting), by the time I was done. Her body is red, and the wings are black, and the stand below feet is black. I worked herbs into the clay- rue, rosemary, juniper berries, and mugwort. These herbs correspond to the Goddess Morrigan. Her hair is black. I also made a black and red tea light holder. I made an incense of the herbs too. The night is dark and stormy. Maybe I could have made her taller but I think she is just beautiful. Unfortunately, she doesn’t stand on her own. I sketched in a rune symbol on the front of her torso- Eihwaz, or yew, which is also connected to her. I love the Morrigan statue and I am sure she will bless me with her power. I burned myrrh incense which corresponds to her, listened to music and relaxed. I rediscovered playing with clay, which to me being stressed, felt good. I still have clay remaining and will use it to make her a spear later. 

The moon’s waxing and growing to a Full Moon. On the Full Moon, I will dedicate the statue and perform a dedication ritual. I think the statue could have been bigger and fancier as the statues sold in metaphysical shops but you do what you can. 

I may invest in a fancy statue anyway in the future but for now, it will do. The Morrigan will understand, I am sure. 

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Litha Rites


Merry meet all,

Litha is almost here!!! Well, today it’s raining. But I sure hope for sunshine on June 21st!! Here is more info to help you prepare for an awesome Summer Solstice. 

This celebration focuses on the sun. Use solar colours when decorating your altar. Reds, oranges, golds and yellows are associated with the sun. Try setting your altar outdoors to truly get the most out of the ritual or at least near a sunny window. 

Litha is also a time of balance. The light and dark are in battle with each other. Perhaps a Brighid’s cross or a yin yang symbol would do. Decorate your altar with pinwheels, sun wheels, oak leaves and acorns, and sunflowers. 

To decorate your home for the Solstice, bring in washed flowers, herbs and vegetables from the garden. Leave the food in baskets and arrange the flowers in vases. Burn yellow and gold candles. Arrange flower candles at the base of the candlesticks. Braid herbs into a herb wreath and hang it on your door. Collect seeds and store them in a pretty cloth pouch or a seed envelope. 

Celebrate Litha either as a solitary or with your coven. Go outside! I plan to take a cauldron outside and burn incense on charcoal  in the cauldron. It will smell beautiful. I also plan to spend the day or part of the day tending to my garden. I will burn incense as I tend to my garden. The scent will help carry me away. Midsummer is a magickal time. 

Hold a bonfire, welcome fairies into your garden, share a special meal outdoors with friends and family. The choice is up to you how you enjoy the day. Go for a nature walk and go wildcrafting or clean up trash as you see it. Be sure to wear gloves. 

Have a fun Litha!


Lady Spiderwitch  )O(

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Magical Cleaning


Merry meet all,

The Eastern Quarter corresponds to the Element of Air. The bathroom fan in my apartment here was broken. It made the most awful cacophonous harsh sound when I turned the bathroom light on. Now it is fixed. In Mrs. B’s Guide to Household Witchery: Everyday Magic Spells and Recipes, she lists fans as representing the Element of Air. Now that the fan is fixed, the blockage is removed. It is harmonious and now I love being in my bathroom. It is the first room people see when they come in, so naturally I want it to be nice. 

After the fan was fixed, I set out to clear my altar area. It needed a good spring cleaning. I debated with myself about whether to lift my altar off the dusty floor then made my decision, I am glad I did. I placed the altar on a round table. Behind the altar is a beautiful painting, which is why I had my altar on the floor. But I never used my altar much and I think it had to do with it being on the floor so low. I love it now that it is placed so high on a table. It is easier and I can clean the floor beneath it. It is finally easier for me to access the altar and feel comfortable. But since my altar has accumulated so much energy and has been used in so many rituals, meditations and spells, I will continue using it. 

I also cleaned and smudged every altar tool. My bookcase full of witchy tools was so crammed, dusty and disorganized and now it is so clean. I love the feel in my bedroom now. Everything feels fresh and clean. I smudged the altar, the tools and I mopped my floors. Everything is fresh and clean in time for spring. I even found my hammer. Now that’s some cleaning!!

Have you cleaned your altar areas in time for spring? Now’s the time. 

Good luck spring cleaning and add magick to the cleansing!

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch 

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Penny, my animal familiar


Merry meet all,

I have adopted a cat! Her name is Penny. She is a five years old Norwegian Forest Cat. She is beautiful, as you can see from the picture above. She loves to climb on top of the fridge and nap there. She sun worships, sleeps, and knocks things down at night. She didn’t hiss once when she came in here or even hide. She just made herself right at home. 

Penny used to live with an elderly lady who couldn’t take her with  her when she moved into a special home. So a now married couple took her in only the Rottweiler terrorized Penny. Let us all hope this is Penny’s furever home. She likes wet and dry cat food, cuddles, and exploring. She came with a scratching post and a litter box. 

I still love my other animal familiar Magic, my guinea pig. But Penny doesn’t mind Magic. She can smell that he was first here. I am not going to let him run around unsupervised around here, but he does need some exercise. I need to work that out. I just gave Magic a big cuddle on my lap. He counts, too. 

Animals are amazing. Now that’s two animal familiars. Lucky me!

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Rites for Imbolc

Magic Lesson: Colourful flames in Cauldron

Merry meet all,

Today I bought the book titled Laurie Cabot’s Book of Spells and Enchantments. It’s published by Copper Cauldron Publishing. I am so excited to have this book. I shall enjoy reading and learning from it. I got the book just before Imbolc! This could be an auspicious sign!! I read it at the cafe in the library but when I saw an elderly couple looking for a table, I gave up mine to them and caught the bus. 

Laurie Cabot is the Official Witch of Salem and she rightly deserves her title. The book is a treasure. I also picked up the newest issue of Circle Magazine, and the Silmarillion. So let’s move on to Imbolg before I am lost in a sea of books  and coffee. 

Here is a Solitary ritual for Imbolc. First, setup your altar. Then take a purifying and cleansing bath. Use Epsom salts, essential oils, table salt or sage to aid you in focusing on purifying yourself. Have a warm bathrobe or clean terry cloth towel at hand. Who wants to hunt down something after a meditation soak and have it ruined by having to search for something? Not me. 

Now for the ritual you will need the following:

  • Seven candles, in red and white tealights
  • Matches or a lighter
  • A cauldron
  • Sand, ash or salt to fill your cauldron with. Ash is best. 
  • Cast a circle

Fill the cauldron with the sand or ash. Concentrate on the task as you do this. The cauldron needs to be large enough to accommodate the candles. Arrange the candles in the cauldron. Cauldrons correspond with the Goddess, water, and depth and the element of Water. Candles correspond to the element of Fire and creativity. Sand or ash relates to the element of Earth. As you mix all these in your cauldron, you connect these Elements. When the candles burn, they release your intent to the Air. So you do invoke all the elements here in this step. Light the seven candles. 

Say aloud: 

I banish the dark and welcome the Light, in the chill of winter, life stirs anew. 

Say something special with each of the seven candles as you light them. 

Allow the candles to purify you with their energy. Reflect now on the healing energy of Imbolc. Do you have any stagnant energy? Now is the time to clear the energy away from you and out of you. Let the fire heal the ailments and release that which does not serve you. 

End the ritual, open the circle and finish with a Cakes and Ale ceremony.

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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Sagely Wisdom


Merry Meet All,

Imbolc is almost here!! Sorry for the pause in the posts, but I have been so busy trying to write a novel proposal that everything else has been- and that includes my entire life, has been on hold. Now that some of the maddening, gritty work is done, I can concentrate on other things. 

…like Imbolc. I’ve germinated garden sage and milk thistle seeds so far. I put the seeds in a folded damp paper towel in a ziploc bag. The seeds germinate much faster. I found loose sage leaves at the grocery store then discovered the sage was from Israel. What? i was shocked. So I rejected the sage and instead, bought a bag of seeds. 

Now I know where my sage is coming from. My own garden or windowsill, which I prefer. The sage from Israel would be useless to me. The magic properties that sage is known for would be long gone. The power of the herb would barely exist by the time it reached Canada. I couldn’t believe it. I would rather grow my own, which is highly possible as I have a garden. 

I wanted to buy the sage to steep in a teapot and do my sacred magic circle of sage tea all around the perimeter of the apartment here. But I wouldn’t use sage leaves from Israel. Sage is known for increasing longevity, aiding in protection and offering wisdom. How much of the natural wonderful properties remain in it by the time it is on the store shelf? Not to mention that the leaves are sprayed with a pesticide and preservative. Ugh Who wants that? 

Ah I am now left to the wonderful chore of growing my own. I have a young sage plant in my garden but it is buried under snow. I won’t harvest from a young plant I will wait till it is established. I can’t wait to plant my seedlings in the garden in the spring. 

I often read my copy of Cunningham’s Encyclopaedia of Magical Herbs. I love that book. I couldn’t live without it. It is an excellent reference book that should be on the book shelf of every serious Witch/ Pagan or Hedge Witch. 

Grow local! Grow your own herbs. My Genovese Basil was unintentionally uprooted this fall so I potted it up and brought it indoors. I can’t believe how it is flowering. The plant gets lots of sun from the southern window. My sage seedlings are growing next to it. Soon I shall have a few lovely sage plants blossoming in the garden, when spring arrives. I will have all the chemical-free sage  I want for casting protective magic circles!! 

I’ve been reading and enjoying Raven Grimassi’s articles in Witches and Pagans magazine. I now have new fun ideas to try on my herbs and plants thanks to him. I want to buy his books. I like his approach. I hope they include more of his writing. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Herbs for Mabon

Spring Frost

Merry meet all,

Herbs for Mabon

The herbs for Mabon are earthier than the herbs for summer. Mabon grounds us where summer had us flying to the stars. The herbs we would use in incenses, potpourris, or burning in our cauldrons are sandalwood, mugwort, mints, oranges, patchouli, sage, frankincense. The picture above is taken in my garden. The flower is purple coneflower. 

Each herb has a special quality to it. Sandalwood is spiritual, mugwort aids us in dreams and psychic abilities, mint refreshes our spirit, orange is citrusy and fresh, and patchouli is earthy and grounding. Sage shields us from negative energy. and frankincense’s warm aroma lifts our spirit.

These herbs and/ or resins can be used in a variety of ways. You can burn the dried leaves in your cauldron. You can infuse them to scent your house. You can mix them in a potpourri of your own making. Your friends might ask you for the recipe!

Now’s the time to make ointments, balms, soaps and candles. The bounty of herbs to help make these potions are at your fingertips. You can find them in your own kitchen, your garden, or fly on your besom to the nearest famers market for herbs.

I plan to. If you can, use beeswax rather than paraffin. Beeswax of course, comes from bees. Bees are endangered. They work hard to make the wax. You would be gaining the energy for your potions from beex. I would far prefer that to paraffin. Beeswax is purer and burns cleaner smoke. Soy wax is also a better choice than paraffin. Paraffin is very available but if you look hard, you may find a wonderful soul who could happily supply you with tons of beeswax. I know a kind lady who sells her witchy candles and beeswax every weekend at a farmers market. She is knowledgeable and I have bought many a beautiful beeswax candle from her. I wish I knew where she got her beautiful candle moulds of owls, lighthouses, cats or pillar candles. She reminds me of a bee queen. She reminds me of a bee buzzing about at her table. The table, let me tell you, is always covered with a plethora of beeswax candles of every shape and colour. She always has a smile. I couldn’t ask for more.

So gather your herbs!! Dust off your cauldrons. OIl your besom and let’s fly. Over the moon on our brooms. Use organic ingredients and be environmentally friendly. Cuddle your familiars!

Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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Samhain draws near + Magickal Cauldrons

celtic forest resin cauldron

Merry meet all,

I imagine you’re all getting more excited, now that the most magical night of the year is almost here. Your candles are all a-glowin’, jack o’lanterns carved, costumes picked, and you’re watching the clock. I am referring to October 31st!! But you knew that. 

I can’t wait. I’m sure the tension is killing you too.  I watched Sleepy Hollow toight starring the dreamy Johnny Depp as Ichabod Crane. The moon is glowing in the night sky above my apartment. But with all the merry making, Samhain can be a solemn time. The ancient Celts honoured their ancestors and those who passed on before them. Samhain is when we too, honour those who passed and our ancestors. If you want to learn how to do that, a great book I recommend to read is Halloween by Silver Ravenwolf. She lavishes great detail on how to lead rituals, perform a dumb supper, and carve pumpkins for spell. I don’t know why the book is called Halloween instead of Samhain, which seems more proper to me, but there you have it. I also read a great book about the history of Samhain titled The Pagan Mysteries of Samhain written by Jean Markale. The book is great and if you are looking for something that goes into satisfying and heavy detail, this book is for you. 

A tip for cauldrons: I love the heavy black potbellied cauldrons. I love burning Celtic Forest resin incense in my cauldron. My Mother gave me a jar of sea salt and true to my witchy self, I used the salt for my cauldron, not cooking. Lol. I put salt in the cauldron, and added a charcoal disc, and discovered that the best way to extinguish or cool the ashes is to put a lid on the cauldron. The cauldron and charcoal cools. I thought I had to drench the disc in water. I like putting a lid on the cauldron now. I save the disc that way. Mmm I can smell Celtic Forest resin incense. I am not so fond of putting the resins exactly on the charcoal tablet. It smokes cool and smells beautiful. But the charcoal tablets can get hot. Otherwise, they spill off the tablet. A young lady asked me what charcoal tablets are for at Little Mysteries. I was proud to be able to answer her questions. (I don’t hog witchy knowledge.) 

Cauldrons are symbolic of the Goddess. The cauldron represents the womb, the power of rebirth, the element of Water-and Fire. Tonight the cauldron represents Fire because I burned resin in it. I burned the resin on a charcoal tablet lying in salt. Salt to me, represents the life-giving forces of water, of the oceans, and Earth. The smoke that billows from the cauldron is Air. The elements are included. The smoke burns upward to Spirit. The five elements are involved when the cauldron is in use. 

I always associated cauldrons with witchcraft and witches. They speak of a world lost in the mists of time. The ancients used cauldrons in the hearth to warm their homes and to gather round. They used cauldrons for cooking. If you want to invoke the Water element and perform a scrying with your cauldron, try using water and droplets of olive oil. How many olive oil drops you see on the surface of the water in the cauldron can tell you the answer to your questions. 

On Samhain eve, I plan to haul my large, I mean large, cauldron outdoors into my back garden and fire her up. I don’t care what the neighbours think. I suspect they figured it out. I would like it that my cauldron could get some outdoor Samhain energy. I will fire her up and do a small ritual. I am fortunate to have a backyard garden. I am attending the annual Samhain Ritual on the Commons. It’s held there every year. And every year, some Dursley worthy muggle sics the Fire Department on us. But we are never deterred. 

I hope you are all busy having fun preparing for Samhain and saying farewell to Mabon. Mabon is magical too. I shall keep you posted about Samhain related bewitching fun. I am bewitched tonight. It must be the moon shining over my home. 

The web address for Little Mysteries, my favourite local metaphysical shop ever, is – I love the staff and of course, all the unique ‘provisions’ they carry. 

Blessed be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O( Many Sabbat Blessings


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