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Spring Sprouts

Merry meet all,

My project for herby sprouts is working!! I am amazed at how a whole huge plant can start from a tiny seed. I now have a garden on my windowsill. I’m growing snapdragons, lavender, thyme, basil, moonflower and morning glories, tomatoes, pumpkins, elecampagne from seed. My calendula overwintered and is now flowering! I also just bought black rose seeds.

I accidentally snipped a calendula flower and stem. I put the stem in a glass of water and waited and waited. Several weeks later the stem grew roots which I planted back into the same pot with the other calendula. I have three sprigs of rosemary in a glass of water to grow roots.

Patience is important when growing from seed. Try not to over water the plants. That killed my dill sprout. Just add a tiny drop of water every other day or if the seedling looks limp. Keep the starter pots by a sunny window. I have a plastic bag around the starter pots which helps to trap the water. Use good seedling potting soil. It is geared towards starting plants from seed. Let the seedlings grow on their own.

My moonflower just germinated!! It is weeks away till I can plant them but it is fun to watch them grow and help them along. I use a small clear plastic mister bottle which I have watered the seedlings with. You can also water from beneath. That prevents the seedling from root rot and dying. If you do water on the surface of the soil, add a tiny amount of water.

Small to tiny seeds lie on the surface of the soil. Water the soil prior to planting the seeds so they don’t drown. Bigger seeds are planted deeper in the soil. The sprouts still push through soil. So now we have sun, soil, water and time… what else? Love. Be gentle to your plants. Let them grow and just trust that they will grow. Before you know it, you will have a full fledged garden of seedlings waiting to bloom once the frost has passed.

Don’t disturb or transplant young seedlings. Let them grow where they are. You can if you want magically empower the seeds to fulfill your magical intention. The roots take time to be fully developed. Transplanting them too early can put the seedling in shock and damage it. They are content in the home that they germinated in. When it is time to harden the seedlings and plant them outside, then you can uproot them. Again, patience is key.

My morning glory seedlings )O(

Starting your plants from seed indoors has a few advantages. They are protected from the frost, can grace your window with their beauty and you can be sure that you will have a beautiful plant growing. If you start from seed, you control the growing conditions. You can grow several of the same plant without paying a fortune. Your plants will be ready to go once the frost has passed, saving you the effort of buying the same plants from the garden center.  

I’m starting the nasturtiums from seed outside. They are easy to grow and grow well there. Snapdragons seed heads look like skulls, which is one of the reasons why I bought the seeds. I also like the sound of the plant’s name. I’m running out of room for more seedlings. This has been a magical and fun project. 

My snowdrops have bloomed. My spring bulbs are growing slowly too. I can’t wait. 

Happy planting!

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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Education about Nature

Merry Meet All,

Today I hear the leaves scraping the ground, blown by the wind. The trees are almost bare now and a gray sky darkens the sky. It is early yet but I plan to enjoy a walk on the nature trail. This weekend I plan to go to Twa Corbies and share a wonderful magical weekend with my friends.

Samhain is not just about trick or treating or performing a ritual to honor our ancestors. The dumb supper ritual is a huge part of it, to be sure. I have heard some debate about people attending Wiccan schools to learn about being a witch and those who say if you want a ‘Free’ education to learn to be a witch, just go outside. I’m in favor with the outdoor enthusiasts. To me, the best place to learn is by going outdoors- in all weather.

I scoff at those Pagans/ Wiccans/ what have you, who would never dream of shedding their expensive velvet cloaks and huge silver pentacles. Nothing wrong with having some flair but to freak out if your mascara and glitter runs down your cheek when it’s freezing outside when you are supposed to be honoring the Four Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water is so passe to me. Personally I can’t understand that mentality. I have performed rituals outdoors in freezing cold weather. Granted, it would be uncomfortable to perform a ritual skyclad in winter cold outdoors. I’ve never done it but I was cold when I performed a ritual outdoors in the park.

But I digress… Samhain is the time to don your woolly cloaks and venture outdoors to clear the sidewalks, pathways, roads, etc., of the leaves. Put some tea in your thermos, call your friends, and get outside while the awesome colors of nature are there to be enjoyed. If you live in the country, you may be fortunate to hear owls, see deer, coyotes, or rabbits.

It is the time to feel the energy around you and to catch the Fae and Sidhe spying on you. Time to leave offerings to the fae who aided you in your garden all summer. I left an offering of honey mixed with milk and sunflower seeds on my garden. The birds ate the seeds.

Collect nature findings such as acorns, seeds, pinecones, fiery colored leaves, or wildflowers for flower arrangements. Look for animal tracks. Explore a trail you have never noticed before. Enjoy some time spent on the trail or park and meditate to connect with your gods. Test your knowledge about squirrel, crow, or birds calls. Decorate your lawn, deck or garden for Halloween. Bring in herbs or flowers for the winter from your garden.

I grew up in the heart of the Cape Breton Highlands National Park on the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. I was immersed in nature and at nature’s mercy. There is no gas station, hospital, large grocery store, or restaurant there. We learned to live by our wits. I went on whale cruises, learned how to identify herbs, learned how to spot animal tracks, went on hikes, learned how to fish and trim trees,and how to horse back ride and burn brush. If only those Pagans and Wiccans thought that way. They want to learn in a pristine clean environment. I spotted many many moose, heard owl calls, watched blue lightning flash over the ocean, saw eagles soar over the ocean, and watched whales splash and show off. I loved every mintue of it.

The photo is taken from the deck at the chalet in Pleasant Bay, Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Cabot Trail, Cape Breton. Home is where my heart is.

So in closing, please, get outdoors and enjoy nature. Nature is showing off. I think the Goddess took a colorful paintbrush to the trees.

Lady Spiderwitch )0(


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