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Seeds of Hope

rosy tulips

Merry meet all,

I am just in from seed planting. Yesterday I bought some organic topsoil. I wheeled the soil home and put it all on my new garden patch. Today my garden looks beautiful even in the rain. The rocks get that sheen and the green vibrant plants stand out among the earthy rocks and soil. 

I cleared away more weeds and removed rocks from the soil. A Witch’s work is never done! I just planted hollyhocks and lilies in the garden. I hope they germinate. When they do, I will thin the seedlings more and enjoy watching the hollyhocks grow! I can harvest more seeds from the stalks come fall. The witch hazel is also coming along nicely. The flowers I planted at the base are doing well too. 

The photo above is one I took of the beauteous tulip growing in my own garden. It’s a double-petaled deep mahogany red tulip and the hybrid is called Uncle Tom, (mundane name, if you ask me.)  The scent is amazing!! I also watered the seeds and my garden with my organic Neptune’s Harvest organic fish emulsion fertilizer. 

I shall continue to post more here soon!! The Full Moon shines on June 2nd. The moon is waxing. This is a good time to get out and do some gardening!! You can plant seeds that grow above ground now, because the moon is growing full!!


Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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How to honor the Harvest Moon Goddess


Merry Meet all,

Today the chill in the air blows in fall. Tonight the Full Harvest moon shines the brightest tonight. This is the time to focus on what you harvested from your herb garden and what you have accomplished in life. 

Decorate the altar with symbols of Fall. Use gourds, squashes, pumpkins, red, orange and brown candles, and/ or stalks or grains. A bottle of wine is nice. Use corresponding quarter candles.  Hold a meditation bath and meditate to prepare yourself for the ritual. You can perform this ritual as a solitary or with a coven, if you wish. Be sure to cleanse and prepare your sacred space for the ritual. 

The Full Moon in September is about abundance. This may also be the last or next to last Full Moon rite you get to perform outdoors before it is too cold. You can begin in the north or east. It depends on which you prefer. Assign a coven member a quarter. 

The person facing north lights the quarter, holds aloft the green candle, and says:

We call upon the powers of Earth, and welcome you to this circle. May the fertile soil of the land bring you prosperity, abundance, and a bountiful harvest. Blessed Be. 

Place the green candle on the altar. Green represents the Earth element. 

The person facing east should light the yellow candle and say:

We invite the powers of Air, and welcome you to this circle. May the luminous glow of the Moon illuminate our ritual tonight. Blessed Be

Place the yellow candle on the altar. 

The person in the south quarter lights his/ her red candle and says:

We call upon the powers of Fire, and welcome you to this circle. May the warmth of Fire energize our way through the cold winter. Blessed Be

Place the candle on the altar. 

The person facing west lights the blue candle and says:

We call upon the calming powers of Water, and welcome you to this circle. May the rain wash away our fears and troubles for the coming winter. Blessed Be

Place the blue candle on the altar. 

Everyone can join in a circle, join hands and say:

We gather to honor the harvest moon tonight. May this harvest deliver our dreams and hopes and an abundant harvest. Blessed Be. 

Everyone can share with each other what they hoped to achieve by now. They can also say what they wish for in the winter months. Take a moment to consider the bounty of the season. 

Drawing down the Moon

Everyone faces the moon. Stand with your arms crossed over your chest, and feet together. Face the moon. Say:

Goddess of the Moon, known by many names. You shine in the dark as a guiding light. Allow us to feel your presence within our hearts. 

Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Raise your arms up to welcome the Goddess into you. You may feel a surge of energy. 


I honor the Goddess within me. I accept and honor her wisdom and blessings on this Full Moon eve. Blessed Be. 

Feel the energy charging in you from head to toe. Bask in the feeling. End the ritual. Ground yourself and enjoy cakes and ale. 

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Full Moon Rituals


Merry meet all,

The Full Moon rules the night sky on May 14th. Be sure to cleanse your crystals and wear white and silver robes. Use white and silver colours on your altar. Perhaps you could use silver altar tools. The altar can look pretty aglow in candlelight and shining silver pentacles, athames and censers. 

The Full Moon, or Milk moon, as it is also known, is a good time to focus on creativity, fertility, success and love. Decorate your altar with flowers and white and green candles. Summer is almost here. The Full Moon is also known as Flower Moon. 

The Celtic Tree Month of Hawthorn begins on May 13th. Speaking of thorns, I am so eager to put my seedlings out but there is still a chance of frost. I can almost hear my plants screaming to be let out. Some people harden off their seedlings but the bugs make me squeamish. Soon they can dig their roots in the cool fresh soil. 

Ask the God and Goddess and/ or your chosen deity for their blessings of an abundant garden or for your indoor garden for the season. Invite the faeries. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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The Wolf Moon of January

wolf moon 2014

Merry meet all,

Wednesday, Jan.15, tonight is the Full Moon. The cold moon of winter shines over the earth tonight. The Full Moon is in Cancer tonight, which is appropriate considering that Cancer is mutable, a water sign, and nurturing. 

The wolves will howl in the cold forests tonight. Correspondences for this month include the deep colours of the night such as silver and white, and deep blue. Use hematite for gemstone workings, and honor deities like Diana, Janus, Frey and Inanna.

Perhaps you could try a working like protecting your home and spirit. The Full Moon calls out the wolves but this could be a time for reconnecting with spirit and introspection. 

Enjoy the Full Moon

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch 


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October Overture


Merry meet all,

I love October. I loved the sunset tonight, the energy in the air, the Hallowe’en decorations outdoors on peoples’ porches, the shining crescent moon in the sky, the phone calls from my friends. The candy I ate before riding the bus and the cool books on discount at the library. One book is about vampires written by Michelle Belanger and the other was about astrology. Love it, love it.

I thought that a cool thing to do this year on this blog is to hold a horror story flash fiction challenge. I want you to scribble your most genius, most dark, most horrifying stories and yes, you will get to submit them here. I sincerely hope you take up this call to write. C;mon, it’s October. It’s a lifestyle, not a holiday. Or at least it is to me. Be sure to munch on candy corn and sip cider as you rack your genius minds. It is not a competition. I find that word intimidating. However, be tasteful in the horror you write. Nothing too too obscene. But I look forward to reading them. Please send stories. They will be posted here all month!! until the end of the first week of November. So sharpen your pencils!! 

In the meantime, I shall post suggestions on decorations and recipes here. There will be Samhain lore and some Halloween poems. If you want some spooky tunes, you can always download them for free. 

I downloaded the theme music from Sleepy Hollow directed by Tim Burton- a Halloween classic movie. The dollar stores are chock full with all kinds of goodies for decorations, costumes, cooking. If you stalk the aisles now, you might score some cool finds. Check thrift stores. I bought this cool mat at Pier 1 imports. The charm of Samhain is one, storing what you had last year for decoration and finding it again, unless you’re like me and it looks like Samhain all year round. You can find good stuff at cheap stores. Don’t spend a fortune. Browse the past posts for ideas on how to celebrate Samhain in killer style. You could make a cool candle, invent an incense recipe, write your own Samhain ritual. Have fun. October 31 is a few weeks away but I know you’ll be counting the hours, minutes, and seconds down to the 31. 

Blessed be,

Lady Spiderwitch

P.S. Yes, the welcome mat will be on my floor year round.

 Catty welcome mat


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Moon spells of Mabon


Merry meet all,

The Harvest Moon reigns over the autumn skies tonight. This is a good time to casting spells and thanking the Moon Goddess for blessing your gardens with her powerful lunar energy. Remember to thank the faeries and your chosen deities for their aid with your gardens. Mabon is a time of gratitude and balance.

If you are searching for some inspiration on how to celebrate this magical esbat, I have several posts that include rituals and spells that you can try tonight. You may have to scroll to find them but it is well worth the effort.

Mabon begins this weekend. Decorate your altar with a Mabon theme for this Full Moon. Use apples, corn, gourds, pumpkins, and grapevines on your altar. Add a stag figurine for the Horned God and a seashell to represent the Goddess. Use an altar cloth that represents the harvest of Mabon. You can buy patterned cotton fabric at a nearby fabric store. Clear your altar space, wash the floor, vacuum and sweep to rid of dust. This is a major Sabbat. Once your altar area is clean, you are free to dress your altar for some Mabon magick!!

Remember to cleanse your crystals, smudge your house and property, and use silver and white candles in your ritual. Silver and white correspond with the Full Moon. This Harvest Moon, the light is brighter tonight which allows the farmers a longer time to glean their bounty of crops from the fields.

I wish you all a Blessed Full Moon!!


Lady Spiderwitch


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Lunar Magic Blessing

Flower Moon

Merry meet all,

Sending you sincere full moon blessings to you all out there enjoying August’s Blue Moon. I wish you all a wondrous magickal night. May all your wishes come true. May the Goddess bless you on this Full Moon eve, your gardens, your dreams, your rituals. 

Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch


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How to make Strawberry Jam

Merry Meet All,

Every morning, I visit my garden. I am under its spell. The garden is replete with veggies, flowers, and herbs. It is hard to believe that it is almost Lammas. Lammas is the first of the three harvest seasons. I think the year has spun by on magical wings. I wish I could keep up.

Tonight the Full Moon shines over the earth. I plan to dedicate my new black athame that I bought from Sacred Mists. It is so beautiful. It’s a Valkyrie Athame. It is in keeping with my Scandinavian family ancestry. Here is a picture of the Valkyrie Athame.

Want to know how to save money and enjoy organic homemade strawberry jam? I made four jars of organic strawberry jam yesterday afternoon. It is easy to do but requires patience on your part and some effort.

Strawberry Jam

Wash, and hull about 2 quarts of strawberries- or buy frozen organic strawberries.

Measure 4 cups strawberries

In a large saucepan or preserving kettle alternate layers of strawberries with

3 cups granulated sugar Organic sugar

Let stand for 2 hours.
Bring to boil and cook uncovered for 5 minutes. Stir occasionally.
Stir in
¼ cup lemon juice

Bring to boil uncovered about 5 minutes longer or until a teaspoonful when chilled quickly has desired consistency. Stir frequently. Remove from heat and skim off foam by turns for 5 minutes. Ladle into sterilized jars. Seal while hot with a thin layer of melted paraffin wax (optional.) Makes about 4 cups.

After I sterilized my jars by boiling them in hot water for fifteen minutes, I used my black heart-shaped magnetic hematite stone to pick up the jar lids to place them on the jars. I just thought I would pass that tip along. I do plan to invest in a good home canning set very soon because now I am hooked. So I now have two jars of elderberry jam and four jars of homemade strawberry jam. That is 6 jars in total. See? You don’t need to buy berry jam when you can make it yourself and know that it will contain no GMOs or chemicals and preservatives. I hope this post inspires you to try your hand at making your own jam. Our ancestors did it that way. People today are returning to the forgotten traditions and alternative medicines.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch

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Do you believe in Magic??? )O(

Merry Meet All,

Living with a guinea pig takes some beating. They are extremely clever critters and adorable. I love guinea pigs. I wrote my wish on a wish board that I wanted a pet. So it is with great pleasure to introduce Magic to you. Magic is my pet guinea pig!! I am happy that he’s mine. Magic is a young baby guinea pig but he will grow and be bossing me around soon. That is Magic in the photo above.

I can’t see a Witch without an animal familiar. Animal familiars have traditionally aided witches in their spells. I am sure Magic will do that too. He is skittish now but hopefully it won’t take long before he will be helping me in spells, too. I knew he was perfect when I saw him in the pet store. His fur is a glossy thick black. Like the black feline animal familiars.

I bought his cage before I brought Magic home. He has a water bottle, food bowl, salt lick and food. I will be spoiling him with treats, a hidey hole, and other treats soon, too.

I believe that we can have a psychic connection with our pets. I think that is part of them being animal familiars. If you are in a store, and you sense them telling you to select a specific gemstone or pendulum when your pet is at home, that is when you have achieved a psychic connection with your pet. There are many benefits to having a psychic connection with your pet. If they are in danger, then you will sense it when you are away from home and be able to handle the situation better if you had none at all.

Guinea pigs are hard to tame early on but soon learn to trust you. Guinea pigs come from Peru and were bred by the Incas. They eat all of your vegetables, timothy hay, pellets, and must be supplemented with Vitamin C. Guinea pigs’ bodies can’t produce Vitamin C. They need Vitamin C or they will get sick. Guinea pigs love to eat lettuce and grass. They also win you over with their cute antics such as wheeking and popcorning in the air.

Guinea pigs make great pets and live for five to seven years. I know Magic will bless me with years of magical cute antics. I performed a pet blessing ritual last night. He is blessed by the Goddess.

Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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