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Ostara- Balance of light and dark )O(

Merry meet all,

The weather outside is frightful. Ostara is a few days away. I am trying to believe that spring is coming. Yet my snowdrops are buried under wet freezing rain/ slush. Snowdrops are sacred to the Goddess Brighid. I dedicated my snowdrops to her for that reason. Every early spring they grow. More flowers are on the way.

The sky darkens early here still. I may be the only one here but I love the dark half of the year. My dark side reveals itself a lot. I downloaded a cool photo of a skull resting on the open pages of a book. It is such a cool picture. I am currently reading Spirit Conjuring for Witches by Frater Barrabas. I have a ways to go yet. I will post a review when I have finished reading it. I will miss the dark time but I also embrace spring. I can only take so much of wearing a heavy winter coat and boots after all.

I do miss my garden. I have started echinacea, dill, thyme and lavender from seed. I hope to plant them in my garden once all chance of frost has passed. I also have rosemary and calendula cuttings which I hope will develop roots and be ready to plant in soil. I would love for once to successfully grow rosemary. I learned that rosemary doesn’t like to be moved. Dill has deep roots. Calendula will bloom if you overwinter it indoors if there is enough sun. The more I work with herbs, the more I learn from them. I intend to order mugwort, moonwort and mandrake seeds if I can. I am determined to grow a pumpkin patch this year too. I will grow beefsteak tomatoes too and peas, beans, carrots, herbs too, I planted my garlic last fall. I can’t wait. I hope to get hyssop and feverfew to grow from seed too. I have the room in my garden for all this!

I am ready for spring. I look forward to reviving my garden and not being weighed down by a woollen winter coat.

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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Spring Bling

Crocusfrom garden

Merry meet all,

Spring is here. I had a great time celebrating the Ostara Sabbat at the Universalist Unitarian Church on Saturday night. I called a quarter (West) and enjoyed the evening. The ritual was well-thought out and went smoothly. 

Tonight is the Full Moon of March. I spied sprouts emerging in my garden from the cold tough soil. I also planted seeds in a seed tray in my bedroom. They are coming up. Spring is an exciting time that embraces raw visceral change and fresh growth. Of course, being a gardener, I enjoy spring. I can’t wait to get to work on my garden. It is almost time to rake leaves back and tidy the garden. The parsley and rue I have been growing indoors, protecting from winter’s chill, have grown well. They will be happy to return to the soil this spring. Their roots can reach deep and the soil is worked by tireless insects. Plants always prefer to be outdoors. 

The next turn in the Wheel of the Year is Beltaine. I will miss the dark half of the year but it will return. For now, there are seed catalogues to peruse and a garden to clean. I wish you all a merry Ostara

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Ostara Ritual for a Solitary

Ostara Gardens

Merry meet all,

Once you have decorated and dedicated your altar, think about performing a ritual. You can perform this as a solitary and it is best performed outdoors if possible. You won’t need much to do this ritual outdoors. Be awake early to do this. If you want to cast a circle, do so now. 

You will need three candles: one green, one yellow and one purple. You will also need one bowl of milk, and a bowl of honey or sugar. 

Begin by noticing the air around you. Try to sense the arrival of spring. Inhale the fresh air deeply. and sense the change in the seasons. The air may have an earthier aroma. Light the green candle to symbolize the awakening earth. As you light the candle, say: 

The Wheel of the Year turns once more, and the vernal equinox has arrived. Light and dark are in balance, and the soil stirs to life. New life springs forth once more in the eternal cycle. 

Now, light the yellow candle, and say:

The sun draws ever closer to us, pulsing the earth with its warming rays, Light and dark are in balance, and the sun warms the earth with radiance. Life grows once more in the eternal cycle. 

Finally, light the purple candle. Purple represents the Divine in us and in all life. As you light it, focus on the presence of the Divine. Say:

Spring has come! Let us be thankful. The Divine is present all around, in the air, earth, fire and water. We are blessed on this day. Welcome! Life giving Light! Welcome!

Take a moment to meditate on the flames and what they symbolize. Consider your relationship to the Divine. Now blend the milk and honey together, mixing carefully. Pour it as a libation upon the ground, around the altar space and as an offering to the earth. As you do, say:

I offer this milk and honey to the earth, As thanks for the blessings I received and those I may some day receive. 

Once you have made the offering, stand for a minute facing your altar. Feel the cool earth beneath your feet and the sun’s warmth on your face. Feel the balance of light and dark. When you are ready, end the ritual. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Season of Change


Merry meet all,

Who besides me hates winter? Let’s see a showing of witch hats. Yeah I thought you would all agree. Last night’s full moon was the last of the dark winter full moons for the season. It gets exciting from here. Spring is on its way. So you can all breathe a sigh of relief. I am. 

I think winter affects us in more ways than just seasonal affective disorder. I have not felt any inclination to do any magick at all. This is not like me. I do enjoy it. It could be because I live alone and never have any company for an esbat. It could be because it is hard to know if you are growing or not when you live alone. These things all contribute to how and when and if people perform magick. It certainly affects me. I performed a simple meditation last night. That is all I had the energy for. 

Yet I managed to manifest a cat. It sounds like I need more confidence in myself and trust in myself. So I propose to try to have more confidence and trust in myself. I do suffer from anxiety and depression, which can take over your life. I usually try to not let this affect me. I have to keep thinking Spring is almost here. The Spring Equinox occurs later this month. Who couldn’t be cheered up that? 

So I can assume that this depression I am going through could possibly by seasonal. Let’s hope so. By the way, I hope you all check out the amazing movie The Theory of Everything about Stephan Hawking. I watched that movie yesterday and I really enjoyed it. I was so engrossed in the movie I forgot about everything else. You will cheer for Stephan Hawking. He is inspirational. 

You can view the trailer here:

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch 

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Ostara Altar Decorating and Solitary Ritual


Merry meet all,

Ostara Altar Decoration and Ritual

The Full moon reigned in the starry skies last night. She shone beautifully over my apartment. In honor of the Goddess, I baked two loaves of bread. This has been a long and expensive goal of mine. Every time I tried to bake bread, the yeast didn’t rise. After some research on my part, I finally mastered a few tricks to baking bread. I purchased a thermometer and some yeast and organic flour. The water has to be at 100 %f. I tried a tablespoon of sugar and mixed in the yeast. I finally had success. I also made a pot of squash soup. I can’t wait for lunch!

My goal of making my own bread connects with a larger goal of mine. I am endeavouring to become more self-sustaining. I know the world is in a crisis and I am trying to be more self-reliant. I plan to grow a lot of food in my garden. I plan to grow only organic food. This can be done. I am aware of which companies sell local organic seed and I am purchasing my seed from them. It is immensely satisfying to harvest food grown from seed. It takes some beating. 

We are three days from Ostara! There is another cause for celebration. Spring Equinox is almost here. Here are some suggestions on how to decorate your altar for Ostara and a ritual. 

Spring is about fresh new colours, like the colours of spring blooming forsythias, crocuses, and daffodils. Purple, lilac, bright yellow, and pastels are good choices for an altar cloth. Cheer the altar up with colourful bright candles to represent the Elements. 

Ostara symbolizes the balance between light and dark. Represent this polarity on your altar by adding a god and goddess statue, black and white candles, a moon and sun symbol. Also, think of adding symbols of new life on your altar. Use animal figurines, potted plants, baskets of eggs, and bowls of milk. Sprinkle the milk on the earth when you are finished with it. 

Now that your altar is dressed, we can move on to the ritual. Ostara is the polar opposite of Mabon. Represent that on your altar with yin yang symbols or black and white candles. You will need 3 candles- one yellow, one green, and one purple candle. A bowl of milk and a bowl of honey and sugar. 

Perform this ritual outdoors if you can. Focus on your surroundings. Take three deep breaths to clear your mind, body, and soul. Reflect on the changing of the seasons. See the grass turn green, the buds on the boughs, and hear the birds herald spring. Light a green candle and say:

The Wheel of the Year turns again, and the vernal equinox rises. Light and dark are equal, and the soil grows. The earth awakens from its long slumber, and life springs forth once more. 

Light the yellow candle, representing the Sun, and say:

The Sun grows in strength, warming the earth and buds with glowing rays. Life stirs where the sun shines. 

LIght the purple candle. The purple colour represents the Divine, the god and/or goddess, and the mystery of the Divine. 

Say: Light and life come forth at the venal equinox. The Divine emerges with the soil, buds, and baby animals. Welcome Ostara! Welcome spring. 

Meditate on what the 3 flames represent. Blend the milk and honey together and pour it on the ground, as an offering to the earth. Chant as you do this. When  you are ready, end the ritual. 

Blessed Be,

Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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Ostara Ritual

Merry Meet All,

Last night I attended the Ostara Ritual at the UU church. It was so much fun. I arrived a little late and entered the room where they were holding the ritual. I heard drumming, I love the drumming, and people were dressed up and dancing or milling around in a wide circle. The altar was beautiful. Afterwards, as I missed most of the ritual, we all shared in the feast. Much to my surprise, the High Priestess had brought her live bunny with her. The bunny was beyond adorable. He was black and white. I cuddled him for a moment. Almost everyone cuddled that bunny. The evening was a lot of fun and I saw some familiar faces and met some new ones. The food was delicious.

Earlier that day, when some members of the coven were at a local metaphysical store gathering supplies for the ritual, it was shared that there would be a live bunny at the ritual. People wondered if the bunny would be sacrificed! I can tell you that that bunny was never harmed and just so much loved. We would never dream of harming any animal or child. Kids run amok all over the place. The fact that people think that about us is astounding. Thanks to the Church and media, they make us look evil. I have a pet guinea pig and in only four days, he is comfortable with cuddling.

When I left the ritual with a friend, the night sky was bedecked with stars. I wish I knew my astrology better. I had a great time and can’t wait for the next ritual.

Blessed Be,
Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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